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Among the venues of the meeting is Teatro Marti, in Old Havana, where the inaugural gala dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the creation of the National School of Arts will take place on the 12th at 5:00 p.m., and on the 17th, at the same time, the gala for the award winners.

General information can be obtained at academiasballetcuba@gmail and It will be necessary to provide the name and surname, the category in which the competition will be held, the title of the work, choreographer, musical author and duration.

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You can ask as many questions as you need. Our teachers are available from Monday to Friday. In a maximum of 48 hours they will give you a solution to any question you may have about the course.

Our methodology is mainly practical, with very dynamic and fun exercises. If you want to learn to paint and draw in an easy and entertaining way, you will like it, but we are so sure that you will like the course that if after 14 days you think it is not for you, you can cancel it without any explanation.

They are super professional and you learn from the first day, plus the teachers take care of you wonderfully. The best place I’ve tried. They also give you free materials to start your course with a lot of good materials.

I started this course with the intention of learning about the techniques and specific materials that are used and the truth is that I was very positively surprised. It is organized in a very orderly way and the practices can be done by all kinds of people.

Fine arts trujillo summer courses 2022

Students applying for admission must submit the “Application for Admission” form duly completed, including the following required admission documents for the corresponding grade. They must be interviewed by an official of the Academy, along with their parents or guardians.

The Baptist Academy of Puerto Nuevo is a Christian Educational Institution founded in 1956. Its mission is to train students through a comprehensive education of excellence based on the ethical and moral values of the Christian faith, with emphasis on behavior, commitment, leadership and service.

Bellas artes trujillo 2022

La producción de otoño 2022 de la Academia de Artes presentará una obra de teatro original y una exhibición de arte en celebración del Día de Los Muertos. Los estudiantes aprenderán sobre la rica historia, la tradición y el intercambio de historias de nuestros seres queridos a través de la danza, el teatro, el cine, la animación, el arte visual, la música y los títeres.

La Academia de las Artes, nuestro galardonado programa para jóvenes, constituye la base de nuestras iniciativas educativas. El programa acepta niños de 8 a 18 años sin importar su sexo, raza, etnia, religión, etc. Aunque los graduados de nuestro programa han seguido carreras profesionales en las artes, el objetivo de la Academia de Artes es construir las habilidades sociales, las habilidades de comunicación y la confianza en sí mismos necesaria para que nuestros estudiantes se conviertan en miembros que contribuyen a nuestra sociedad a través de la formación práctica en la educación artística.

Las clases están disponibles para niños de 8 a 18 años y se dividen por edades: 8-12 y 13-18. Se imparten dos semestres de tres meses en primavera y otoño, con un campamento de verano anual. Se centra en la producción de una obra de teatro desde el principio, mientras se aprenden habilidades actorales y técnicas.    Este galardonado programa recibió el premio a la “Mejor experiencia artística para niños” en 2003 y el “Mejor experiencia artística para niños” en 2004 por los oyentes de WRR Classical 101.1, así como el prestigioso premio Coming Up Taller 2006.

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