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Los vínculos entre los conceptos de arte, diseño y artesanía están relacionados con el paso del tiempo, con las tradiciones de cada país y con la forma de trabajar de los artistas y diseñadores. Estos artesanos han plasmado sus técnicas ancestrales con perfecta maestría en las piezas que crean, y el artista ha sabido aprovechar esos conocimientos para que sus obras tengan los valores añadidos de calidez y estilo.

Ha sido la cultura la que ha transmitido estos conocimientos a los artistas como parte de una personalidad común. Esta herencia cultural se refleja en la obra de algunos de los diseñadores más contemporáneos, ya que expresan valores humanos y culturales a través de sus diseños.

Este reflejo cultural en la forma de diseñar de los artistas ha dado lugar a lo que se denomina Cultura Clásica Contemporánea. Este concepto de identidad es la herencia directa de la cultura clásica de todos los países mediterráneos de la vieja Europa y de los países conquistados del Nuevo Mundo. Estos son Italia, España y Portugal, así como los países latinoamericanos y norteamericanos. Las raíces latinas de sus respectivas lenguas no son el único vínculo entre los países, sino también su historia común después de ser romanizados.

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The location of the university’s Oakland campus was acquired in 1922, when Meyer purchased the four-acre property from James Treadwell at Broadway and College Avenue. Two of its buildings are on the National Register of Historic Places. The Oakland campus still houses the more traditional craft studios, such as the glass, jewelry and metal art, printmaking, painting, sculpture and ceramics programs.

The CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Art, located near the San Francisco campus in a new facility on Kansas St., is a forum for contemporary culture. In 2013, the Wattis Institute recruited a new director, Anthony Huberman, formerly of Artist’s Space in New York.[8] In 2013, the Wattis Institute recruited a new director, Anthony Huberman, formerly of Artist’s Space in New York City.[8

Alumni Robert Arneson and Peter Voulkos and faculty member Viola Frey helped establish the medium of ceramics as a fine art and were closely linked to the emergence of the ceramics movement of the 1960s. The photorealist movement of the 1970s is represented by current faculty member Jack Mendenhall and alumni Robert Bechtle and Richard McLean. Alumni Nathan Oliveira[13] and Manuel Neri were leaders in the Bay Area Figurative Movement. Marvin Lipofsky founded CCA’s Glass Program in 1967 and was important in the Studio Glass movement.

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EINA has been working intensively for a long time on the integration and improvement of the different technologies and productive processes, with a determined vocation that focuses on the economic, industrial and quality of life growth in our country and our Autonomous Community. Among its areas of participation are some as diverse as the aerospace industry, automotive, renewable energies, naval, industrial and packaging machinery, textile industry, household appliances, capital goods, consumer products, equipment, installations and architecture, where our companies hold leading positions.

– Emerging companies or sectors of products and services: The aim is to support the generation of new companies and products or services, or to transfer research results to manufacturers of new products for mass production or service-products.

– Companies providing services to these sectors, such as laboratories, testing and quality control companies, etc. Related to the development of inspection procedures and equipment, accepted by certification and accreditation bodies.

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In addition, you work collaboratively with research centers such as MIT and Harvard.

In highly competitive environments, marketing has gained a very important place within companies. Knowing it opens your mind to strategies for a free and global market: local and global competition forces you to learn how to defend, attack and win.

This program is based on teamwork to achieve the implementation of an entrepreneurial / innovative project. This is achieved with solid methodologies taught by high level professors and mentors. It lasts 12 months and is divided into three stages: 1) exploration and generation of ideas, 2) conceptualization of new businesses, 3) implementation of the business model through their own projects.

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