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The same gives the right to study free of charge by the Veteran’s Economic Assistance Program of the Puerto Rico Department of Education. Veteran students are eligible if they have NOT completed the courses leading to the academic degree they started at the University, having exhausted all the educational benefits provided by the Veterans Administration. Law 203 grants a 50% tuition discount to children of veterans in State Institutions.

The MGIB program provides up to 36 months of educational benefits. This benefit must be used for a degree or certificate program and training. To be eligible you must have an Honorable Title and a high school diploma or GED and in some cases 12 credit hours from a Post-Secondary Institution. Individuals with active duty service after 09/10/2001 who served for an aggregate 90 days or who served for a period of 30 days and received a disability discharge are eligible. Eligibility includes full-time service in the armed forces. Active duty for training is not considered a classification.

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Every Airman’s story is different, but they all come from families that have been positively affected by the decision to enlist in the Air Force. Regardless of the path our Airmen have taken to get here, once they join the Air Force, they become part of our global family.

Everything we do is tied to our core mission: to fly, fight and win in air, space and cyberspace. This is an incredible responsibility and can be sobering at times, but our core values work to inspire and unite us as we serve.

The Air Force is committed to excellence in everything we do, including developing the skills and careers of our Airmen. We provide unparalleled educational opportunities for them to continue to grow, while serving and being able to reach their full potential.

Whatever talents or passions your child has, the Air Force has a career that will fit their interests. As part of our commitment to caring for our Airmen, we provide them with benefits that rival any benefits they might find in the civilian world.

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Zapopan Military Air Base No. 5 (IATA Code: ZAP – ICAO Code: MMZP), officially BAM Piloto Aviador Capitán Emilio Carranza Rodríguez or alternatively BAM-5, is a military airport located in Zapopan, Jalisco and home to the Colegio del Aire.[1] It is home to the 105th Air Squadron, which operates Cessna 182 aircraft, and the 111th Air Squadron, which operates Cessna 182 aircraft, and the 111th Air Squadron, which operates Cessna 182 aircraft.

BAM-5 permanently houses the 105th Air Squadron operating Cessna 182 aircraft and the 111th Air Squadron operating Bell 206 aircraft, in addition to the air college’s training and aerobatics squadrons operating Boeing-Stearman Model 75, Pilatus PC-7, Aermacchi SF-260 and Grob G-120TP aircraft. This base is home to the Air College Aerobatic Team, composed of Air College instructors.

The National Aviation School was inaugurated in 1915; it had different names until September 9, 1959, when it was integrated to the military schools of meteorology, specialized mechanics and aviation, constituting the leading educational institution in air military education under the name of ‘El Colegio del Aire’; oriented to the training of Air Force officers. [2] The Air College is the set of academic institutions of the Mexican Air Force and is made up of three schools: the Military School of Aviation, the Military School of Maintenance and Supply and the Military School of Air Force Specialists. These schools offer training courses for Pilot Aviator Officers, Flight Controllers, Meteorologists, as well as for Officers of the different technical specialties of the FAM.[3] The school is also responsible for the training of the Air Force’s technical specialties.

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Some authors say that military bases replace the classic or old colonial power, the old colonial territories.  Because, effectively, the US is scattered all over the world, in bases, to the point that not even the most exhaustive researchers know, strictly speaking, how many bases the US has, because this is covered by secrecy. But the more serious and systematic researchers say that these bases may be as many as 1,250 military bases.

The U.S. officially recognizes 700, but the researchers say there could be as many as 1,250 military bases. Why this gap of almost 500? for many reasons. In the first place, because the issue of bases is also changing.

So, those bases are scattered all over the world. And a privileged place where those bases are expanded is Latin American territory, and precisely these were one of the maps I wanted to show you, to see how in America there are US military bases, including the US territory itself. The US has places that are practically villages, there are US military bases that have 130 thousand inhabitants, for example.

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