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Universidad de barcelona idioma de las clases

Leer textos muy cortos y sencillos. Encontrar información específica y predecible en material sencillo de la vida cotidiana, como anuncios, prospectos, menús y horarios, y comprender cartas personales breves y sencillas.

Comprender frases y el vocabulario de mayor frecuencia relacionado con áreas de relevancia personal más inmediata (por ejemplo, información personal y familiar muy básica, compras, geografía local y empleo). Captar el punto principal de mensajes y anuncios breves, claros y sencillos.

Utilizar una serie de frases y oraciones para describir en términos sencillos su familia y otras personas, sus condiciones de vida, su formación académica y su trabajo actual o más reciente. Comunicarse oralmente en tareas sencillas y rutinarias que requieran un intercambio de información simple y directo sobre temas y actividades familiares. Manejar intercambios sociales muy breves.

At the university of barcelona classes are given in catalan.

Since these classes are directed to the students in an individualized way, the student is the one who will decide in this case when he/she considers necessary to take the classes, therefore he/she will be able to choose the schedule that best suits him/her and our teachers in Barcelona will be at his/her disposal.

With the classes “a la carte” we offer individualized classes focused on what the student requires, and are appropriate for the study of any subject of the courses of ESO, Bachillerato, University or Formative Cycles, of medium or superior degree. They are also appropriate classes in terms of overcoming any entrance exam, or learning foreign languages.

Through these classes “a la carte” we offer a reinforcement of the necessary contents for the student, although on the other hand we also offer an extension in the subjects that the student requires. In addition to this, it is important to highlight the flexibility of the timetable, since these classes will be given according to the student’s availability.

Although the environment of the academy is optimal for the study of the subjects, through the classes “a la carte” we also offer the possibility that our teachers move to the student’s home, among others, since these classes are focused exclusively on the particularities of each student.

University of Barcelona classes in Spanish

Enrique has served as General Manager of Campsa, CEO of Repsol Química S.A., CEO of Petronor, Corporate Director of Repsol YPF and CEO of Gas Natural.

Ana Merlino is a Master Certified Coach by the ICF and a Clinical Psychologist. Coaching is her great passion and she leads her own project with three divisions: Coaching Fusion, SATIS and Soul Business.

Jordi Faz has developed his professional career as an entrepreneur in the world of education, team management and investment. He is Founder and CEO of Eternity Investments and CEO of Namencis Capital.

Sara Matarredona is a Clinical Psychologist specialized in Child and Adolescent Psychology and Developmental Psychology. She has collaborated in different psycho-pedagogical re-education and research projects.

Johana Martínez is a Psychologist specialized in Early Intervention and Emotional Intelligence. Entrepreneur and creator of the award-winning projects Vivero de Talento and EduKids, support centers for children.

I need to know catalan to study in barcelona

Masters designed to acquire in-depth training as a dentist and stomatologist in oral medicine and surgery, to acquire the scientific and technical bases of oral implantology and to update in research techniques.

With a clear projection to Europe, the master’s degree guarantees its students the necessary and appropriate knowledge of the sciences on which dentistry is based and also of its scientific methods. In addition, students gain clinical experience through internships in excellent facilities.

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