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La academia Oxford royale amplía sus horizontes

Ludovic Coupaye estudió las artes oceánicas y africanas en la Escuela del Louvre antes de formarse en arqueología en París-I. Luego eligió estudiar en Inglaterra en la Unidad de Investigación Sainsbury para las Artes de

Ludovic Coupaye ha realizado sus estudios sobre las artes de Oceanía y África en la Escuela del Louvre, antes de seguir una formación arqueológica en la Universidad de París-I. Posteriormente, escoge el exilio en Inglaterra, en la Sainsbury Research Unit for the Arts of

como la arqueología, la sociología, la economía política del turismo y de los recursos naturales, la biología, las ciencias medioambientales, etc. Se dedicó media jornada en especial al Sáhara Occidental.

State College se han asociado con innumerables organismos locales gubernamentales y no gubernamentales para crear el programa DREAM (Directing Through Recreation, Education, Adventure, and Mentoring ), que proporciona mentores a largo plazo a los niños de los barrios de bajos ingresos.

Ha sido presidente del Consejo Sueco de Investigación sobre el Medio Ambiente, las Ciencias Agrícolas y la Ordenación del Territorio (Formas) y miembro visitante del Centro Tyndall para la Investigación del Cambio Climático, UEA, Norwich.

University of oxforduniversity in oxford, england

It is highly specialized in applying genetic methodologies for the identification of missing persons, especially for processing highly degraded bone samples (due to high temperature and other circumstances) and of long standing.

It has more than 200 square meters and a staff of 8 biochemists directed by Carlos Vullo, PhD in Chemical Sciences. Its members have published more than 50 scientific articles on Forensic Genetics. The laboratory’s work is a global reference in Forensic Genetics.

It performs analysis of up to 40 genetic markers of nuclear DNA that confer a high power of discrimination. It also analyzes mitochondrial DNA which, due to its characteristics, is very useful in highly degraded samples.

More than 800 victims of forced disappearance in Argentina between 1974 and 1983 were identified through genetics, considering a positive identification if a 99.99% degree of certainty is reached.

Dr. Michelle Harvey, who had previously assisted in the investigations of cases in Ethiopia and Haiti along with Dr. King, then moved to the University of Toronto, where she collaborated with the Center for Applied Genomics at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto in the genetic analysis of remains of victims from Argentina.

Oxford summer school

The course is eminently multidisciplinary and its purpose is to provide students with a theoretical background as well as extensive practical experience and skills in the fabrication and characterization of nanostructured materials and devices with applications in key areas of nanochemistry, nanophysics and nanobiomedicine.

The course is taught entirely in English by highly qualified members of the INA, ICMA and the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Zaragoza, with the participation of staff from other national and international centers and industry representatives.

The master’s degree is divided into six compulsory subjects (36 ECTS credits) that include theoretical classes, tutorials, laboratory practices and case studies. In addition, students will take two of the four elective modules offered. The course also includes a master’s thesis (14 ECTS credits). Students will choose the final project, in consultation with the course coordinator, based on their original degree and their own professional and research interests.

Oxford royale academy

The Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María (Valparaíso, Chile), is a highly accredited institution in Research and Higher Studies in Basic and Technical Sciences. In order to contribute to the high-level training of Ibero-American researchers and professors, together with the Ibero-American University Association for Postgraduate Studies (AUIP), it is launching this grant program for the training of PhDs.

You can find the application instructions in the link below. In order to facilitate participation at the international level, the Schools will organize communication courses for the candidates and English improvement courses for those who pass to the final phase. Please spread this message as widely as possible among all PhD students.

The University of Granada is offering their PhD students the chance to take part in the Three-minute thesis international competition in collaboration with University members of the Coimbra Group. For more information about the history and procedures for the competition see This link…

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