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Get to know the world’s first online, open and totally free map of donors and calls for proposals of social organizations, developed by Terraética in favor of the democratization of knowledge.

Date of publication Name of the call Who is publishing the call? (Organization issuing the call) What is the objective of the call? (Summary of the call) In which country is it being carried out? (Location of the Advocacy) What type of assistance is it? (Types of Intervention) Who is it for? (Recipients of the call) What do I need to participate? (Requirements to Participate) When can I register? (Deadline) Maximum Amount Granted per Project Link for More Information Contact us

Is an independent fund that awards grants to projects by and for young people with progressive ideas around the world about an equitable division of knowledge, wealth, power and a better environment.

It pursues rights-based approaches, gender equality and partnership with the organizations they fund. They seek to support civil society as a pillar of democracy and justice and we encourage innovation and visionary leadership within it.

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It was considered one of the most important in the band’s career for being able to strike a balance between popular appeal and BTS’s signature sound and energy. The track «Epilogue: Young Forever», which was produced by RM, was described as a «masterpiece that condenses the essence and feeling of all the tracks in the youth series.»[93] The track «Epilogue: Young Forever», which was produced by RM, was described as a «masterpiece that condenses the essence and feeling of all the tracks in the youth series.»[93

In February 2019, the group attended the 61st Grammy Awards to present the award for «Best R&B Album.»[195][196] This was the first time the band was part of this event after their appearance at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles in 2018.[197] On September 13, it was announced that the band had been invited to the Grammy Awards.

On September 13, it was announced that BTS would be featured in Coldplay’s single «My Universe», which was released on September 24.[351] Two days later, BTS revealed that they would perform a live online concert, Permission To Dance On Stage, on October 24.[352] BTS has been quoted by Seo Seo as saying that they would perform a live concert on October 24.

BTS has cited Seo Taiji and Boys, Nas, Eminem, Kanye West, Drake and Danger as musical inspirations.They have also cited Queen as an influence, and Suga said he «grew up watching Live Aid videos». During his concert at Wembley Stadium in London, Jin paid tribute to Queen by leading the crowd in a version of Freddie Mercury’s «ay-oh» song from the band’s Live Aid concert.

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The institution, the UB, promotes and supports university research institutes, but so far there have been no significant financial or human capital contributions. barcelonametropolis.cat

Bioorganic University Institute (IUBO) and the University Institute of Canarian Public Health and Tropical Diseases (IUETSPC). These two institutes are in a Self-assessment stage, which is an internal process carried out by the institute itself, with a participative and deep reflection on the real situation and the achieved quality status.

The institute has a network of Master and PhD students, where they can have direct contact with the best students, those who can decide to initiate doctoral theses and nurture indigenous scientific research.

This information not only heightens awareness in the border regions but also paves the way for the establishment of links between existing actors on both sides of the border in the private and/or public sector, e.g.

in the Actur district of Zaragoza, host the Instituto de Nanociencia de Aragón, where the new Advanced Microscopy Laboratory (LMA) is located, including the Titan microscope, one of the most advanced in the world in terms of resolution.

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