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It is located in the University Campus of Cartuja, next to other faculties such as the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters or the Faculty of Economics and Business. It is located in the upper part of the campus, being the highest faculty of the University of Granada.

The Faculty is divided into three buildings.[3] The first and largest is the main building, which houses the classrooms for lectures, laboratories, a lecture hall for conferences and exhibitions, as well as the departmental offices of the university.

The second building is adjacent to the main building and houses the University Library of Psychology, with a large catalog of bibliographic and reference material, theses, scientific journals and psychological research. This same building has a newspaper library, a study room and several computers connected to the Internet.

The Faculty of Psychology is the main headquarters of all the teaching departments of the University of Granada related to the areas of knowledge of psychology and all its practical applications.[4] These departments teach in this and in other centers of the University that have subjects related to them. Specifically, the following departments are based in this faculty:

Universidad de San Luis

La Universidad de Granada – Campus Centro es una universidad de Granada. La Universidad de Granada – Campus Centro está situada cerca de la Factultad de Derecho – Edificio Aulario, y cerca del Parque Cristina de Arteaga.

El Real Monasterio de San Jerónimo es un monasterio jerónimo católico romano en Granada, España. El Monasterio de San Jerónimo está situado a 180 metros al sureste de la Universidad de Granada – Campus Centro. Foto: Madixator, CC BY-SA 4.0.

El Hospital San Juan de Dios es símbolo e historia viva del modelo sanitario contemporáneo y del espíritu solidario de Granada. El Hospital San Juan de Dios está situado a 240 metros al este de la Universidad de Granada – Campus Centro. Foto: Jebulon, CC0.

Public University of Granada

The Faculty of Educational Sciences of Granada is a university teaching center belonging to the University of Granada, dedicated to the teaching and research of studies related to didactics, pedagogy and education. It is located in the University Campus of Cartuja.

Next to the main building, teaching activities are complemented by a lecture hall with 12 additional teaching rooms, a plastic arts classroom, a technology and engraving classroom, a photography laboratory, a digital and visual media center, as well as an additional reprographic service and a computer room.

Similarly, student activities that require physical activity or sports are taught outside the faculty, in the Cartuja Sports Pavilion of the University of Granada, which is located on the same campus as the faculty.

The faculty’s Audiovisual Resources Laboratory, located in the classroom building, has multipurpose equipment for the production and editing of audiovisual material, with image and sound control, a voice-over room, set and office, and is accessible to students, researchers and university personnel who require the use of these services with prior authorization from the center.

European University of Madrid

The campus includes all the properties of a university, including all the buildings that make up the university. Generally, a campus includes libraries, faculties and schools, classrooms, student residences, athletic areas, and recreational areas such as cafeterias, stores, gardens, and parks.

The word came into use during the early decades of the 18th century to describe a particular urban space of the College of New Jersey (now Princeton University), following the medieval tradition of European colleges of studying, living and working in exclusive cloisters. Other universities later adopted the term to describe specific grounds at their own institutions, but still the word campus did not describe the totality of university properties. It was in the 20th century that the meaning really expanded to encompass all university buildings for services, teaching and research and the land that encompasses them.

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