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Cardiff is the capital of Wales. It is a major commercial, cultural, sporting, educational and media center of the country. It is a popular destination for tourists interested in Welsh history and culture.

Cardiff is on the south coast of the South Wales Plain, with a coastline on the Bristol Channel. It lies at the mouth of three rivers: the Taff, the Ely and the Rhymney; the Taff flows through the city center and all three reach the sea in Cardiff Bay. Cardiff is a fairly flat city, a feature that helped it become one of the world’s leading ports for transporting coal from the steep valleys of South Wales.

Cardiff’s city center is located in the southern part of the city, north of Cardiff Bay. It is traditionally centered on the castle, bounded to the north by the historic civic center, the large arboretum of Bute Park and university buildings, by the River Taff to the west, and by the valleys and national railway lines to the east and south, respectively. Growth is pushing the city center beyond these boundaries, especially in terms of residential and commercial office supply. In particular, the area south of the original city center towards and including Cardiff Bay has been almost completely redeveloped.

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Here at Studies Planet you will find a new family that is willing to help you and guide you in this new process of adaptation and also contribute to personal, spiritual and academic growth to move forward in building a society full of values and great projects.

100% recommended. My advisor from the beginning was very helpful and kind to me, doing everything possible to absolve any kind of doubt. Her support was vital for me to be studying today at the University of Sheffield. I recommend all Peruvians who are interested in studying in the UK to contact Studies Planet, I guarantee you will not regret it!

We are aware that leaving the country is a challenge and it is not easy but it is worth it and we are here to support you and help you in everything we can, that is why we have our office in London to provide support from your home country to and during your stay in Europe.

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Nuevas becas para 2023 universidad de SOUTHAMPTON- Reino Unido Hola Marina,Estamos muy contentos de anunciar nuestras nuevas becas internacionales para 2023 la entrada que están abiertos a los estudiantes extranjeros de pago. Puedes ver los criterios completos de elegibilidad para cada beca en las páginas de abajo.  International Merit Scholarships up to £3,000 off tuition feeCompetitive Scholarships £5,000 off tuition fees in Humanities and Art subjectsPresidential International Scholarship £10,000 or 100% off tuition fee Find out more

Nos complace comunicarle que la UCL ha introducido un nuevo conjunto de becas para estudiantes internacionales. Las solicitudes ya están abiertas y la fecha límite es el 29 de abril de 2022.  Ofrecemos 10 becas de matrícula completa y manutención y 20 becas de matrícula completa. Las becas pueden concederse para cualquiera de nuestros programas de grado y se concederán en función de las necesidades económicas. Puede encontrar más información, incluidos los criterios de elegibilidad y orientación sobre cómo solicitar la beca, aquí.

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