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The degree in Business Analytics / Business Analytics trains professionals capable of analyzing and interpreting data to make strategic decisions in different areas of the company. It is a degree that combines training in business administration and management with technology, analysis and business strategy.

The legitimacy of the treatment is the consent of the person concerned by checking the boxes provided for this purpose. If you provide data of third parties through this form, we inform you that you are obliged to inform the interested party about the content of this clause. The applicant is informed that he/she cannot provide information that identifies third parties without obtaining their prior consent.

I accept and authorize that my data be processed by the Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, for the purposes indicated above and to send me, by any means, including electronic means (including, but not limited to, SMS, Whatsapp, email and social networks), information about any current or future course or program of the Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, open days, orientation workshops and information sessions, as well as reminders of the same.

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Degree and PhD in Psychology. Doctoral thesis based on the problem of the desertion of university students, in whose work of change have been studied in depth their experiences to describe their «realities». Thesis title: UNIVERSITY RETENTION AND DESERTION. Realities experienced by graduates and dropouts of the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Flores.

Clinical therapist. Specialist in Psychological Intervention in critical situations, individual and collective. Emotional Freedom Techniques (Thought Field Therapy) EFT/TFT. EMDR Therapist – EMDR Institute Inc. (USA) – SAPsi – Adjunct university professor at the Faculties of Psychology, Physical Education and Sports, Accounting and Administration of the University of Flores (UFLO), since 2004.

Abels, M., Vanden Abeele, M. M. P., Van Telgen, T., & Van Meijl, H. (2018). Nod, nod, ignore: An exploratory observational observational study on the relation between parental mobile media use and parental responsiveness towards young children. In E. M. Luef & M. M. Marin (Eds.), The talking species: Perspectives on the evolutionary, neural, and cultural foundations of language (pp. 195-228). Graz: Uni-Press Verlag.

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At the same time, the students of Multimedia Practices II develop the multimedia web page of Enfoque magazine. They carry out complementary research, produce videos, photo galleries, audios, and other multimedia formats complementary to the written version.

The Editorial Board of ENFOQUE is the regulatory body of the publication’s contents. It decides on the contents, presentation and editorial rules of the magazine. All the contents of the publication will be submitted to the revision of the members of the editorial board before its diffusion.

In its decision making, the editorial board shall be guided by the editorial line of the journal, the criteria for the selection of originals, the rules for the publication of student publications and its own judgments on other unforeseeable aspects.

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On the other hand, it is also intended to compile information for the institutions related to the agribusiness of this crop in the country, in order to improve competitiveness, both for the domestic and export markets.

It also presents the most relevant recommendations for crop management, including the productive aspect, the phytosanitary component, agronomic management practices, harvest and postharvest recommendations, and economic and financial indicators.

She has a degree in Biology and Chemistry. She has led research and extension projects in citrus, avocado, coffee and papaya. She is currently a full professor at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Palmira. She led the Acarology Research Group.

Agricultural engineer and PhD in Agricultural Sciences, Crop Protection Line, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Palmira. She has worked in research projects in bean and citrus in the area of entomology and acarology and as a university professor and private consultant. She is currently an occasional professor at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Palmira, and a consultant for private companies.

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