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Its motto is «World-class education that innovates, grows, develops competencies and meets the needs of our students in a comprehensive and superior way, committing them to success in a responsible way in their own environment».

The Universidad Europea is made up of five campuses, each one of them has everything necessary for the development of its students, among the spaces it has, its libraries, auditoriums, computer rooms, green areas, audiovisual rooms, sports courts, wireless internet access and parking service stand out.

This university offers sports and cultural activities to which students have free and voluntary access. There are theater and dance workshops for culture and soccer and basketball for sports. The schedules and availability of these activities vary from campus to campus according to the interests of the students and the availability of spaces and instructors. If you are interested in joining them, please consult directly with the academic extension area of your campus.

European University of Madrid

See residencesReservations for daysWe have extensive experience in managing group reservations (from 10 people) for sports teams, as well as summer courses, conferences, congresses, cultural meetings, etc.. We have rooms for groups and groups, as well as holders of international student card, REAJ card and similar, with all the comforts and at the best price.

We take care of security and maintenance throughout the residence, including your room. So that nothing fails. We can even receive your packages, clean your room for you, or do your laundry. Talk to your director, their job is to get to know you and help you.

Our residences have study rooms, lounges and TV, gym, laundry, parking, cafeteria/vending and a lot of spaces and services designed to make your life easier and for you to concentrate on what’s most important. Because there is also a world outside your room, and a lot of new friends to share it with.

Universidad europea de madrid (campus villaviciosa)private university in villaviciosa de odón, spain

Through this procedure you can request the equivalence of higher education degrees awarded by foreign institutions to a degree and academic level of official university Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees in specific fields and branches of knowledge.

The equivalence to degree grants the foreign degree, throughout the national territory, the same effects as the degrees that are included in the specific area and field of training to which the equivalence has been declared, with the exclusion of the professional effects with respect to those degrees that can be obtained by homologation.

Official translations and interpretations from a foreign language into Spanish and vice versa shall be those certified by the Office of Interpretation of Languages of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, as well as those made by whoever is in possession of the title of sworn translator-interpreter granted by the same Ministry, as established in the sixteenth additional provision of Law 2/2014, of March 25, as amended by the fourth final provision of Law 29/2015, of July 30.

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Internships Regulation of external internshipsInternships in companies are a key element in your training. Acquiring experience after what you have learned in your degree is the best way to enter the labor market. There are two types of internships, curricular (included in your study plan) and extracurricular (those you can do on a voluntary basis) To do a curricular internship in a company, you will need to have passed 50% of the credits and register for the course before starting your internship. These internships are monitored by the company and the internship professor, as well as the completion of intermediate and final reports for evaluation.if you want to improve your work experience before finishing your university education, you can do extracurricular internships. You can do them in any course, but we remind you that internships are a training complement to your studies; therefore, the more knowledge you have acquired throughout your studies, the more you will benefit from the internship experience.

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