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As part of the harmonization of higher education curricula in Europe, French university education is divided into three national degrees: the licence [bachelor’s degree], the master’s degree and the doctorate. This organization, known as L.M.D., makes it possible to promote the mobility of European students, mobility between disciplines and between vocational and general education.

Each semester is assigned 30 credits or ECTS (European Credit Transfert System), common in many European countries: for the bachelor’s degree, 6 semesters are completed, i.e. a total of 180 credits; for the master’s degree, 4 semesters, i.e. a total of 120 credits (300 credits combined with the bachelor’s degree).

The FP (Vocational Training) tries to bring students closer to the reality of the labor market and to be able to offer qualified personnel to the professional sectors. Vocational Training offers more than 150 training cycles within 26 professional families, with theoretical and practical contents appropriate to the various professional fields.

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In France, you can work to supplement your income while studying, no matter what your level of studies or your nationality. All students have the right to work, either in a company or in their own university. But there are some rules you should be aware of.

In order to allow students to succeed in their studies and in their professional insertion, students’ work at the university must be adapted to the timetable and pace of their studies. For the same reason, students working in French universities may not work more than 670 hours between September 1st and June 30th and no more than 300 hours between July 1st and August 31st.

To obtain certain diplomas, it is mandatory to complete a series of internships to validate your training. French and foreign students have to comply with the same rules:

The apprenticeship contract is an employment contract of limited or unlimited duration between an employee and an employer. It allows the apprentice to acquire a training in a company with the alternation system, under the responsibility of an apprentice master and in an apprenticeship training center (learn more about apprenticeship contracts).

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La American Business School Paris fue creada en 1985, mientras que en 1995 se fusionó con el Institut de Gestion Sociale, una de las universidades privadas más respetadas de Francia. La escuela de negocios americana ofrece oportunidades educativas, que se estructuran en torno al sistema académico americano. La escuela se esfuerza por formar futuros líderes empresariales, que tengan una buena conciencia cultural y una forma internacional de percibir el mundo que les rodea. Por ello, se incita a los estudiantes a tomar iniciativas y a trabajar en equipos multiculturales. A excepción de su acreditada licenciatura en Empresariales… Ver descripción completa.

La Université Paris-Sud 11 es una institución de estudios superiores de carácter internacional, ya que acoge a unos 5.000 estudiantes extranjeros, procedentes de más de 130 países. Se compone de 5 campus, 3 institutos de tecnología y uno de ingeniería y está considerada como una de las más prestigiosas del mundo.

Scholarships to study in France, 2022

Marisol Touraine (Paris, March 7, 1959) is a French socialist politician. She has been deputy and president of the Departmental Council of Indre-et-Loire. She served as Minister of Social Affairs and Health under Prime Ministers Jean-Marc Ayrault, Manuel Valls and Bernard Cazeneuve.[1][2][2] At the regional level, Touraine has been a member of the French Socialist Party for many years.

At the regional level, Touraine has been a departmental councilor of Indre-et-Loire since the 2001 French cantonal elections. She served as vice-president of the departmental council of Indre-et-Loire from 2008 to 2011 and as president from 2011 to 2012, when she resigned.[2] Touraine has also served as the vice-president of the departmental council of Indre-et-Loire since the 2001 French cantonal elections.

On May 16, 2012, Touraine was appointed by Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault as Minister of Health and Social Affairs.[9] From the ministry, she worked to improve the prevention and early diagnosis of HIV/AIDS, promoted universal treatment for hepatitis C with innovative drugs, implemented plain tobacco packaging, and launched a nutritional labeling system.[10][11][12] She also served as Minister of Health and Social Affairs.

Also during her tenure, Touraine led France’s response to both an outbreak of MERS and the 2014 West African Ebola Outbreak|Ebola outbreak, in the course of which several French nationals contracted the virus.[15][16][17]

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