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The Master in Tourism and Hospitality Management offers you the opportunity to spend a practical week in an international destination and experience firsthand the work in a hotel. You will live a fantastic experience as a future manager in the tourism and hospitality industry through practical tutorials in the different departments of the resort.

You will actively participate in interesting class discussions, sharing your opinions and debating innovative solutions to real problems in the hospitality industry – all with the supervision and advice of our experienced professors.

The Positive Impact Rating measures how business schools contribute to solving social challenges by energizing the school and its culture, developing responsible leaders and being an exemplary institution.

From day one you will be immersed in the world of tourism and hospitality. You will develop critical thinking skills to optimally analyze and solve the most demanding business situations. Thanks to expert faculty and carefully selected case studies, you will leave the Master’s program with a solid understanding of the latest professional practice and strategies to apply your knowledge effectively.

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The Master in Strategic Thinking and Foresight has taken on the challenge of training leaders of organizations with a vision of the future. This means: people who are aware of global change and the new planetary rules of the game, with the capacity to mobilize companies and territories towards the construction of their future.

Failure to prepare for the future is tantamount to living in the vagaries of economic, social and technological changes, instead of anticipating them before they occur. This is how organizations, companies or territories that want to be competitive act, because they make the future their best ally instead of being surprised by it.

The students of the Master’s program have the option of receiving at the headquarters of «Futuribles» (47, rue de Babylone – 75007 Paris) an advanced training course in the principles and methods of foresight, interacting with its researchers and receiving a «Certificate» awarded by this illustrious and prestigious institution.

Note: Graduates of the Specialization in Strategic Thinking and Foresight program of the Faculty of Business Administration, in which case their admission process will be of a priority nature and subject to a special regime of homologations of up to 30% (216 hours) based on the study plan taken.

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Apply the scientific method and updated techniques in those areas of their training in order to solve theoretical and practical problems related to the field of coastal marine and environmental resources.

To prepare professionals with a scientific background, aimed at assessing, conserving and evaluating the marine and coastal environment, using appropriate tools and proposing innovative techniques that allow achieving the development and economic growth of the country in a sustainable manner.

This program prepares specialized technical personnel who can perform evaluation, planning and management of environmental instruments in governmental institutions, NGOs or in national and international private companies.

Environmental Consultancies, Technical and/or Scientific Consultancy, Environmental Units of all Governmental Entities that carry out EIA’s, private entities in charge of surveillance, control, planning and integral management of marine resources, Companies that require environmental adjustments or implement PMA’s, scientific and/or environmental NGO’s.

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The program is coordinated by the University Institute of European Studies at CEU San Pablo University, a research center chaired by Marcelino Oreja and designated Jean Monnet Center of Excellence by the European Commission.

The variety of subjects will allow you to gain a greater knowledge and understanding of the political, economic, legal and cultural relations of our time, from a multidisciplinary perspective.

You will incorporate aspects of social and cultural reality such as the interrelation of religions and cultures with the development of international society, the interaction between the media and international actors, the interpretation of war, actors and factors involved in war processes. It will allow you to value the importance of history for the understanding of the current reality, such as the process of European integration and the policies of the Union.

You will be able to formulate judgments that include reflections on social and ethical responsibilities by integrating knowledge on relevant international issues today, identifying the challenges and limitations of contemporary international society.

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