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Hello everyone! I’m Victor and although I’m from Cordoba, I’m studying Computer Engineering and Mathematics at the University of Granada. I have arrived here because I intend to prepare the TOEFL and there is a lot of information in this forum. Thanks to all of you for sharing your experiences and advice, which have been very useful for me. Best regards!

Like many of you I have been reading and learning from many posts for a long time, but not contributing anything (yet). Now as a registered user I will try to do my best and help in the little I know.

I’m Roger, from Barcelona, and after a few months in Vancouver, Canada I’m moving to Madrid to start my career as a strategy and VC consultant in a new initiative focused on energy transition.

My background in two strokes: Industrial Engineer passionate about economics and business, specialized in strategy and business models during my internship and project at HP, and not to neglect the technological and social challenges that brings sustainable development I focused on energy in the master of industrial engineering, with project in energy markets and stay at the University of British Columbia.

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Rama de conocimiento: Ciencias Sociales y JurídicasCentro responsable:  Facultad de Ciencias Jurídicas y SocialesCampus: Madrid-Vicálvaro Método de enseñanza: InglésCréditos: 240. Créditos/año: 60. Duración: 4 años.  Implantación: progresiva, primer curso 2009-2010Calendario académico Examen Guías docentes Mesa de convalidaciones Coordinador del profesorado:  Prof.ª Dra.ª D.ª María Sonia Medina Salgado

El mercado de trabajo de los graduados en Ciencias Empresariales tiende a centrarse en las implantaciones, la internacionalización, la innovación y el cambio tecnológico y los nuevos modelos de organización del trabajo. Por ello, los titulados tenderán a orientarse hacia

Dado que el Grado en Ciencias Empresariales abarca un amplio abanico de capacidades, es difícil precisar a qué perfil de estudiante se dirige o es más adecuado. Los estudiantes de grado que deseen ingresar deben ser conscientes de la naturaleza de los fines y objetivos del curso, es decir, formar al estudiante lo mejor posible para competir en el campo de la gestión empresarial. En consecuencia, los estudiantes que deseen estudiar este curso deben tener los siguientes rasgos

Business Administration

Finally, the MBA helped me to take the reins of my career, giving up the corporate world to undertake an ambitious personal project, since I became aware that I could do it. I worked on my limiting thoughts and gained the security of having the tools to start my project.

Its international recognition is also endorsed by the positioning of its programs in prominent global rankings, such as América Economía, Innovation Management, Financial Times and QS ranking, among others.

This program will teach all of its classes in face-to-face format, provided that the sanitary conditions set by the authority allow it, i.e., Advanced Opening stage or Phase 5 in the commune of the program. Otherwise, classes will be conducted in hybrid format or 100% via streaming. See more

Having these accreditations means that its programs meet the highest quality standards worldwide, within the select group of 1% of the best business schools in the world. This allows its participants a greater recognition of the degree obtained compared to foreign business schools associated with these institutions. These accreditations are key when making exchange agreements and joint programs with the best business schools in the world.

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It is amazing how many options there are to expand professional knowledge. Today, we have a wide range of programs to pursue studies that will optimize our academic degree, without having to leave aside work experience.

Before starting any online learning, most of us may be skeptical and doubtful of distance learning educational tools, but with the technology in which we are all involved today, it is not a problem to acquire knowledge through it.

As an experience we can say that studying at a distance (online) allows to keep in sync both personal and professional life. It allows to promote intellectual knowledge while continuing to exercise the profession and extending work experience, which is demanded by so many companies when recruiting. In contrast to face-to-face studies, this is another positive factor that distance studies have in their favor.

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