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A discussion through the lens of sovereignty and energy justice

The Master in Strategic Thinking and Foresight has taken on the challenge of training leaders of organizations with a vision of the future. This means: people who are aware of global change and the new planetary rules of the game, with the capacity to mobilize companies and territories towards the construction of their future.

Failure to prepare for the future is tantamount to living in the vagaries of economic, social and technological changes, instead of anticipating them before they occur. This is how organizations, companies or territories that want to be competitive act, because they make the future their best ally instead of being surprised by it.

The students of the Master’s program have the option of receiving at the headquarters of «Futuribles» (47, rue de Babylone – 75007 Paris) an advanced training course in the principles and methods of foresight, interacting with its researchers and receiving a «Certificate» awarded by this illustrious and prestigious institution.

The Master’s students also have the option of attending a «Course on Territorial Foresight» given by ECLAC researchers, and to receive a Certificate awarded by this institution at its headquarters: Av. Dag Hammarskjold 3477, Vitacura, Santiago de Chile.

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. On February 22, 1904, the Meteorological Observatory was inaugurated on Laurie Island, South Orkney, which would later become the Orkney Base, a historic milestone that marked the beginning of Argentina’s uninterrupted stay in Antarctica.

The London Film Festival begins today, in a difficult context, but with the decision to support international film production and the presence of quality films in the United Kingdom. It is a source of great pride for our country that, out of fifty films, two feature films have been…

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European Doctorate in Communication and International Relations from the Complutense University of Madrid and the University of Edinburgh. Coordinator in charge of the International Journalism and European Communication courses at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

D. in Information and Communication from the Université Libre de Bruxelles, and Master in New Media and Society in Europe from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. He is currently a postdoctoral researcher at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Political Science and Public Administration

Bouza-García, L. and Oleart, Á. (2018). From the 2005 Constitution’s ‘Permissive Consensus’ to TTIP’s ‘Empowering Dissensus’: The EU as a Playing Field for Spanish Civil Society, Journal of Contemporary European Research 14(2): pp.87-104.

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