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If you are thinking of visiting Glasgow, the answer to what to see and do is simple: more than you can imagine. From enjoying some of the best museums in Scotland and the United Kingdom, to touring the historic center of Glasgow, discovering the beauty of its West End, or taking a nice walk along the course of the River Clyde, Glasgow and its metropolitan area, including Great Britain and the United Kingdom.

The city of Glasgow and its metropolitan area, Great Glasgow, comprises about 41% of the population of the whole of Scotland. It is the third most populated city in the United Kingdom and the first in Scotland. It has two airports (Glasgow International Airport and Glasgow Prestwick Airport),

Glasgow has two railway stations (Glasgow Central Station and Glasgow Queen Street Station). Queen Street Station generally has shorter journeys from Edinburgh to Glasgow and vice versa, and is attached to George Square. Always try to buy a return ticket, which is cheaper, and ask for the journey time. Normally it takes about 50 minutes from Waverley station, but there are routes that take longer because they have many stops.

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Edward Percy Stebbing FRGS, FZS ( 4 January 1872- 21 March 1960) was an English naturalist, pioneer forest entomologist, and forester, and in India.[1] He was one of the first to warn of desertification and desiccation ; writing on “The encroaching Sahara”.

He suggested that it was human-made, and that led to a joint Anglo-French forestry mission, from December 1936 to February 1937 , touring northern Nigeria and the Niger to assess the danger of desertification.[2] He was one of the first to warn of desertification and desiccation, writing on “The encroaching Sahara”.

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Eirene Data4Peace was born from the joint experience of its founders, combining programming and strategic analysis in human rights, development and conflict prevention, with work in natural resource exploitation companies and knowledge in social entrepreneurship.

He holds a diploma in Social Work from the University of Barcelona, a postgraduate certificate in culture of peace from the School of Culture of Peace of the Autonomous University of Barcelona and a Master’s degree in Peacebuilding in the Contemporary World from the United Nations University of Peace.

She has continued her education in parallel obtaining a Bsc. (Hons) degree in International Studies from the British Open University (2015) and an MBA (2018) awarded by the Open University Business School.

Currently in the process of obtaining a Postgraduate Certificate on Climate Change Management from the University of Edinburgh, with training on physical, technical, social and political phenomena related to climate change adaptation and mitigation.

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For students, having face-to-face classes, or not, has had the biggest impact on satisfaction levels. Online learning has greatly influenced students’ lives and thus the overall university experience. It is difficult for students to socialize and connect with like-minded people through virtual classes. Students surveyed ask that universities make available places where they can safely interact and socialize. Another demand from students is for professors to encourage more of a social aspect in virtual classes.

A few students with access to a “third place,” an alternative location to their home and campus that could serve the function of a learning environment, such as a cafeteria or coworking space, rated their academic performance above average. These students would be the most likely to recommend their university to a friend, and none of them negatively criticized their university. Among all students surveyed, they were the most likely to rate the ability of their campuses to make them feel part of a community.

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