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Honoris Causa to Dr. Michael Apple

The publication in the BOPA or BOE of the loss of an academic degree is a mandatory and necessary step to be able to request a duplicate at the institute or university. All their internal regulations specify that in order to recover a lost university degree it is necessary to previously publish in an official bulletin an announcement communicating that it has been lost. If no one has filed a claim within thirty days, it is possible to request a duplicate. Only those titles that are deteriorated or illegible are exempt from this procedure.

The person who has lost his or her title must take all the necessary steps to recover it and also pay the corresponding fees. As for the fee for publication in the BOPA, it depends on the length of the text to be inserted. In this case, the indicative rate for a page with an effective spot of 245 millimeters high by 175 millimeters wide is 401.37 euros, resulting in a price of 0.066895 per character, including blank spaces.

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Our graduates will have a solid background in the different branches of biology, competencies to do scientific research, complex thinking, ethical commitment and the tools to work on diverse biological and scientific problems. These are some of the areas in which our graduates can develop:

At the end of the degree you will be able to choose from four minor areas (each made up of five subjects) that will give you a differential graduate profile. Or if you prefer, you can select courses from other careers and train professionally in interdisciplinary areas of your particular interest.

In #BiologyUR our professors and students work together to investigate all levels of life: cells, individuals, populations and ecosystems. We are interested in understanding how these levels evolve and change, especially in the context of current global changes.

We study how animals acquire, store, process and use information to make decisions and the consequences of those decisions, especially in insects. We use tools from neuropharmacology, sensory allometry, bioinformatics and biophysics.

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We at Entrepreneurial University are pleased that you are interested in getting to know us. Within these pages we hope to familiarize you with our institution and the opportunities that can enable you to pursue higher education at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Freedom of thought, expression and discrimination Excellence in education Fostering an inquisitive spirit Quality and depth of provision in all subjects Education that enhances students’ ability to learn throughout life A great relationship with society.

This is a serious program for independent-minded students who possess the determination and self-discipline to work at their own pace. Our students are goal-oriented and have the theoretical knowledge and work experience in their fields, but lack the credentials necessary for promotional opportunities, academic advancement, personal satisfaction, etc.

Associate Professor of Political Science, Benito Blanco, will discuss the creation of the Christian Right as an identifiable political group and as a movement with distinct leaders and institutions. Benito will explain how and why a comprehensive network of social and political institutions was built, and how these institutions reflect the movement’s history, internal conflicts, and perceptions of the rest of the country.

Amanha Melhor —Trafulha V.I.P.

Article 1. Family unity, equality of rights and duties of spouses, equality of children and protection of minors constitute fundamental principles for the application and interpretation of this body of law.

Article 4. The family rights are, as a general rule, very personal, unrenounceable and unavailable, inasmuch as they are extinguished with the death of their holder and the renunciation, transfer or transmission of the same is not admitted.

The resolutions and judicial or administrative acts, issued by the competent authorities, shall be processed through diplomatic channels, if that is the practice with the requested country; or, in accordance with the international agreements to which Panama and the requested State are parties, or based on the principle of reciprocity of treatment in what is favorable to the execution of the resolutions.

Article 11. The law of the conjugal domicile shall govern all matters concerning divorce and separation of bodies suits, as well as the rights derived from the respective judgment. The conjugal domicile is understood to be the place where the spouses habitually live with singularity and stability.

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