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Founded in 1952, Northwest Forestry University (NEFU) was formed by the combination of both Zhejiang University and Forestry Department of Northwest Agricultural College, and one of the three oldest institutions for forestry education and research in the whole country.

Northwest Forestry University is located in Harbin City, the center of the region with the largest parastatal forests in China. Its campus covers more than 136 hectares with educational buildings, scientific research laboratories and practice sites. In addition, there are several practical centers which include the Forestry Experiment Center for Maoershan (National Forest Park: Maoershan) and the Forestry Experiment Center for Liangshui (Liangshui National Nature Reserve), etc. Therefore, the university has a total area of 33,000 hectares.

NEFU Chinese Language Training Center offers university offers courses at different levels for overseas student, including Chinese Oral, Listening, Chinese Literature, Writing, International Trade, Intensive Reading and HSK Training. The center has basic, elementary, intermediate, advanced, and short term classes as well.


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In Bratislava there is the Comenius University. Erasmus students, once accepted as such, must apply for accommodation and if accepted they will be accommodated in the Druzba and Ludovit Stur-Mlyny residences.

In Paris there is Crous, an agency dedicated to housing foreign students. Crous has 70 university residences in the heart of Paris, with 6,600 accommodation places.

In Toulouse there is the Institut Limayrac. To guide Erasmus students there is the International Department of Institut Limayrac. This organization provides information on accommodation near the university.

In Athens, the National Technical University of Athens has two residences on the Zografou campus and another 15 on Kokkinopoulou Street, 6th, managed by The Youth & Lifelong Learning Foundation.

Shanghai university

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The Greater Taipei metropolitan area beyond Taipei city limits includes the surrounding city of New Taipei (新 北市) and Keelung (基隆市), representing Taiwan’s largest urban conglomerate with nearly 7 million people, though administered by three different government authorities.

Wanhua and Datong constitute the oldest parts of Taipei, home to many historic buildings, such as Longshan Temple and the Red House Theater, although it has lost much of its economic relevance to the Eastern District . Ximending is the “Harajuku of Taipei”, a shopping district focused on teenage fashion, culture and Japanese subcultures.

Zhongzheng is the political center of Taiwan and the location of the Presidential Office and important government ministries. Its main tourist attraction is the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall. Gongguan, on the other hand, has a youthful feel thanks to students from Taida and Shida universities visiting the area.

Residencia universitaria murcia

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En respuesta a mi pregunta E-008643/2012, el miembro de la Comisión László Andor dijo en nombre de la Comisión que: “Recientemente, la Alianza Europea para las Familias se ha reforzado a través de un grupo de apoyo técnico que ha desarrollado un marco de evaluación de buenas prácticas con el fin de aumentar el potencial de aprendizaje mutuo”.

¿Cuál es la composición del grupo de apoyo técnico y cuáles son sus competencias y conocimientos? ¿Qué papel desempeñará el grupo dentro de la Alianza en el futuro? ¿Cuáles son los objetivos del marco de evaluación de buenas prácticas? ¿Cómo describiría el marco?

El contrato de apoyo técnico para la Alianza Europea se adjudicó a RAND Europe, tras una licitación cuyos detalles están a disposición del público (3). RAND proporciona contenido político al sitio web y gestiona una base de datos con buenas prácticas políticas. Para ello, RAND ha desarrollado un marco que permite una evaluación basada en pruebas de las buenas prácticas en toda la UE. Esta metaevaluación exhaustiva se basa en una revisión sistemática de la literatura y está sancionada por una red independiente de expertos de toda la UE. Para promover el intercambio de información y el aprendizaje mutuo, RAND separa las prácticas para las que faltan pruebas sólidas de eficacia de las que se consideran emergentes, prometedoras y mejores. El marco de evaluación se explica en el sitio web (4).

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