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College, y Castleton State College se han asociado con una miríada de agencias locales gubernamentales y no gubernamentales para crear el programa DREAM (Directing Through Recreation, Education, Adventure, and Mentoring ), que proporciona mentores a largo plazo a niños de barrios de bajos ingresos.

catedrático de Fisiología de la Universidad de Sevilla y director de su grupo de investigación desde 1982, han sido publicados en más de 100 artículos aparecidos en revistas y publicaciones internacionales como Trends in Neurosciences, Annual Review of Physiology, Current Opinion in Neurobiology o New England Journal of Medicine.

de Fisiología por la Universidad de Sevilla y director de grupo de investigación desde 1982, ha sido publicado en más de cien artículos aparecidos en revistas y libros de difusión internacional como «Trends in Neurosciences», «Annual Review of Physiology», «Current Opinion in Neurobiology» o «New England Journal of Medicine».

en Ginebra – asistió un representante de la New England Law School de Boston; (b) las sesiones del Comité de Derechos Humanos en marzo de 2006, marzo de 2007 y marzo de 2008 en Nueva York – asistió un representante de la New England Law School de Boston; (c) la reunión del Derecho del Mar de las Naciones Unidas en junio de 2008, en Nueva York – asistió un representante de la Universidad de Córdoba en España.

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Queen Mary University of LondonFounded in 1882Queen Mary University of London has become an international center of education and research excellence. It offers hundreds of programs to…

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Dr. Elizabeth De Wolfe (@Prof_edewolfe) is Professor of History at the University of New England (USA). In her course «Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies,» students were required to expand on the content about women on Wikipedia.

When I read about Wikipedia’s male bias, something resonated with me. I realized that my students could connect class learning to real-world action by writing entries about women on Wikipedia. What I was not aware of was the tremendous personal impact this project was going to have on them. In addition to discovering for themselves the nature of information in relation to gender, they got to understand and use their voices to effect change. This project empowered them.

Those who were interested in careers related to health professions engaged in entries about early women physicians and discovered much scarcity of information. «I had never thought about how the medical profession has been fundamentally patriarchal throughout history, with women occupying separate and inferior positions to men, which makes me eager to change that in the future,» said Kathryn Cawley. Psychology students, looking into the history of their own future careers, saw a similar lack of attention to women. Jacqueline Parents stated, «We have helped bring to light the life and contributions of one woman, which is just part of a larger project to bring many women to the same level of visibility as men. This is invaluable.

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By sequestering carbon dioxide, algae and shellfish can reduce coastal acidification. But Dr. Barry Costa-Pierce says it is critical to understand that coastal acidification is «not just a carbon dioxide story,» but also another harmful greenhouse gas: nitrogen, which flows into the ocean through sewage pipes. Image from Shutterstock.

Aquamimicry simulates natural estuarine production conditions by creating zooplankton blooms as supplemental nutrition for cultured shrimp, and beneficial bacteria to maintain water quality. Better quality shrimp can be produced at a lower cost and in a more sustainable manner.

Aquaculture systems must be operated with attention to reducing environmental waste load, which requires the use of high quality feeds, prevention of overfeeding and maintenance of good water quality.

We hope you’ll consider supporting our mission to document the evolution of the global aquaculture industry as well as ocean health and climate change by becoming a Global Seafood Alliance member. By joining, you’re ensuring that all of the pre-competitive work we do through media and events can continue. Individual membership costs just $50 a year.

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