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Importance of English Literature

The following databases have recently been acquired or are being evaluated for possible subscription.CAB Abstracts with Full Text This link opens in a new windowNew This opens a pop-up window to share the URL for this database.

CAB Abstracts with Full Text, produced by CABI Publishing, covers important research and development literature in applied life sciences, including agriculture, forestry, human nutrition, veterinary medicine, and the environment. Reference coverage dates back to 1973. Full-text access to over 1300 titles.

Multidisciplinary platform to more than 550 French journals with full text access by recognition of the IP network of the University of Huelva (access after BUH VPN connection if off campus).

Legislation and jurisprudence database with the added bonus of including analysis of real cases, resolutions, nine calculators, forms and models, doctrine and the big data jurist database, an ambitious scientific-academic database of legal practice developed by leading experts in each of the areas of law, and endorsed by the most prestigious jurists in our country. This work is updated daily and developed in several editorial phases, covering all branches of law, specialized rights and regulated sectorial rights.

Literature and English

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As part of the submission process, authors are required to check that their submission meets all of the elements shown below. Submissions that do not meet these guidelines will be returned to authors.

All papers submitted to Ocnos: Journal of Reading Studies must be original. Articles that have been published in any other format (paper, doctoral thesis, article in another language, etc.) will be rejected, unless the manuscript presents a significant reworking of the text. Once the manuscript has been submitted, it cannot be sent simultaneously for review in another journal.

The structure should conform to the following sections: Introduction, Method, Results, Discussion/Conclusions, Notes, References and Annexes. The recommended length will be 5,000 words minimum and 6,500 words maximum, including notes, figures and bibliography, excluding title, abstract and keywords. The inclusion of tables, graphs and figures that contribute to a better understanding of the research will be positively valued.

Foreign literature

As a journal of national and international circulation, its purpose is to disseminate knowledge in the field of Social and Human Sciences, in the areas of philosophy, theology and welfare of life. It is fully funded by the Univerisdad del Atlántico, which welcomes the ethical principles and good editorial practices, published in June 2015 by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE, available at:

Its projection is to contribute to the consolidation of an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary dialogue with other sciences, guided by the motto “everything human is ours”.  As a space for academic and scientific dissemination, it will always strive for the cultivation of high levels of quality, promoting inter-institutional exchange and cooperation to encourage the dissemination of the work of researchers, stimulate intellectual production, exchange successful experiences in the promotion of scientific knowledge, always with the teleological perspective of the welfare and happiness of life in society.

Lectura y vida: revista latinoamericana de lectura pdf

Since these reports come from the FGEE, I have browsed their page and as of today (September 29, 2018) you can find a list of 721 publishers, with quite updated files. Of course, since it is a federation (not all publishers are members), not all publishers that exist in the country are listed. Update 07/03/22: I have recently found this web site where they inform which publishers accept manuscripts. I don’t know how up to date it is, but I found it interesting, as it also indicates the genres that each publisher deals with.

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