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I like Lane Community College because it has very good instructors. I also like meeting other students from different parts of the world. Eugene is a student city, which is easy to study and live in.        Ammar Al Alimi-Yemen

Lane Community College offers excellent opportunities for international students. You will never feel left out; it’s like a big family. Everyone treats you very nicely, and the academics are excellent!      Enrique Gomez-Colombia

Lane Community College has a lot of different people. You can meet people of different ages and from different backgrounds. You don’t feel like you are in a crowd, and the professors can easily connect with the students.      Henna Kim-South Korea

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In 1894, Colonel Arthur T. Prescott was elected as the university’s first president. He moved to Ruston and began supervising the construction of a two-story main building. The brick building housed eight large classrooms, an auditorium, a chemistry laboratory, and two offices. A frame building was also constructed nearby and was used for mechanics instruction. The main building was located on a 20-acre (81,000 m2) tract of land that was donated to the school by Francis P. Stubbs. On September 23, 1895, the school began its first session with six teachers and 202 students.

In May 1897, Harry Howard became the first graduate. Colonel Prescott awarded him a bachelor’s degree in industry, but there was no formal commencement. The first formal commencement was held at the Ruston Opera House the following May with ten graduates receiving their diplomas.

The Constitution adopted on June 18, 1921, changed the name of the school in Article XII, Section 9, from Louisiana Industrial Institute to Louisiana Polytechnic Institute,[9] or «Louisiana Tech» for short.

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Financial aid is available to help you achieve your educational goals. CCC’s Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships provides access to scholarships, work-study and loans to help you cover the costs of school.

Complete the Oregon Student Aid Application (ORSAA) to determine if you are eligible for Oregon state financial aid programs. The ORSAA is for undocumented Oregon students, including students who have DACA status.

Oregon Promise is a state scholarship program that covers part or all of the cost of tuition at an Oregon community college. The program is for students who have graduated from high school or earned a GED in Oregon. Students must enroll in an Oregon community college within six months of graduation.

CCC’s student government offers a variety of scholarships to help students achieve their goals and graduate. Funds are provided through donations to the college’s Foundation, funds raised by the Horticulture Department and ASG. The application is available prior to each term.

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…in which you will learn how to manage in this sector, meeting the needs of customers. Warehouse management includes the reception, storage and… Learn about: Point of Sale, Forklifts…

…in which you will learn how to handle yourself in this sector, covering the needs of customers. Warehouse management includes receiving, storage… Learn about: Point of Sale, Forklifts…

…Digital Campus Formación y Empleo, technical training center face-to-face, telepresence and online, for Professional Training and Employment…. Learn about: Written Communication, Effective Communication, Lie Detection…

…Digital Campus Formación y Empleo, center of face-to-face, telepresencial and online technical training, for the Professional Training and Employment… Learn about: Written communication, Effective communication, Lie detection…

…Manage a warehouse and the different modes of transportation, using optimal planning tools for effective and efficient supply chain management…. Learn about: Integrated logistics, Logistics chain, Supply chain…

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