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We promote entrepreneurship as a valid and attractive alternative to self-employment, launching viable businesses capable of offering competitive products and services in the different economic sectors.

WEBINAR | Technological trends and emerging technologies During the session we will focus on the technological macro-trends that surround us today and we will delve into those that will make a difference…

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That is why the objective of this project is to make known through research on international trade between Colombia and the European Union, specifically for the countries of Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria and Cyprus, strategies for internationalization and expansion of SMEs to new markets.

So, with this project we want to achieve through research and information to determine those products and services that Colombia is offering to the countries of study, so that in this way we can identify characteristics of the international market, especially the direct export competitors.

Universidad Europea de Chipre

La Universidad Abierta de Chipre (OUC; en griego: Ανοικτό Πανεπιστήμιο Κύπρου), en Lefkosia (Nicosia), es una de las pocas universidades en línea/a distancia de Chipre. La Universidad se creó para llenar un importante vacío de educación abierta, telemática y a distancia en el sistema de educación superior de la República de Chipre, en respuesta a la creciente demanda de educación continua y aprendizaje permanente. Es la primera y única Institución de Educación Superior (IES) en Chipre que ofrece educación abierta y a distancia a nivel de pregrado y postgrado. Haciendo gran hincapié en la investigación, la OUC promueve programas de investigación orientados al desarrollo de metodologías y de las correspondientes altas tecnologías para la enseñanza abierta y a distancia.

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“Today, openness and international collaboration in innovation are clearly under threat. Faced with unprecedented challenges, whether health, environmental, economic or social, the world needs to pool efforts and resources to ensure continued funding for innovation,” says Bruno Lanvin, Executive Director of Global Indices at INSEAD.

Israel is the world leader in several key indicators, such as researchers, R&D investment and university-business research collaboration. Thanks to this investment, Israel remains a major player in innovation, particularly in the area of ICT services exports.

Brazil, Mexico and Argentina are home to multinational companies that invest in R&D and are among the top ten middle-income economies in terms of the quality of innovation. Chile, Uruguay and Brazil produce a high level of scientific and technical articles, and Brazil also stands out in the area of patents.

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