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Access to the Master’s Degree in Architecture will require the prior completion of a Degree in the field of architecture that meets the requirements defined in the order EDU/2075/2010, of July 29, 2010, which establishes the requirements for the verification of official university degrees that enable the exercise of the profession of architect (BOE July 31, 2010) and the resolution of July 28, 2010, of the General Secretariat of Universities, which publishes the Agreement of the Council of Ministers of July 23, 2010, establishing the conditions to which the curricula leading to the obtaining of degrees that enable the exercise of the regulated profession of Architect must be adapted (BOE July 30, 2010).

The exit profile of the Architect with a Master’s Degree in Architecture will be that of a professional capable of exercising a profession that requires the ability to work in multidisciplinary teams, with a predisposition to innovation and sustainability in architecture and urban planning. On the other hand, graduates of this Master’s Degree will be able to directly access the doctoral program New Territories in Architecture, which will allow them to develop a path towards research and academic life.

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3. Live new experiences in Computer LanguagesThe incredible Student Pass gives you unlimited access to all teachers, coaches and masterclasses for 1 month. A whole month to discover new passions with fabulous people.

In case you have a problem with a teacher or a class, our customer service is available to help you and find a solution as soon as possible (by phone or email from Monday to Friday).

We can also find on the internet, more than one online course (some of them free), however in them we will not find major advantages, since we can only make use of the information and material that the courses have.

It can be said that this is a language that is object-oriented, the most powerful and secure of all, thanks to its strictly strong typing that forces the programmer to use good programming practices.

Do you find it interesting? do not hesitate to take classes in the languages used by programmers (HTML, CSS, PYTHON) to create apps from scratch, with private teachers and become a great programmer.

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The University of Puerto Rico at Cayey, located on the most beautiful university campus in our country, is one of the best universities in Puerto Rico. It offers 24 baccalaureate degrees in the arts, natural sciences, business administration and education, and its faculty is totally committed to academic excellence. It also has several scientific research programs and in other areas of knowledge; a magnificent choir and an excellent band. We also have an athletic program and more than fifty student organizations in academic, social, religious and cultural areas that nurture academic and student activities in various ways.

Definitely, the University of Puerto Rico at Cayey is the perfect alternative for students who want to develop their intellectual, social, cultural and athletic capabilities to the fullest. We encourage you to visit us so that you can get to know us and in the very near future be part of our house of studies.

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But a veterinarian can also work on a livestock farm, ensuring the highest profitability of the production process, through genetic improvement, breeding, health and management of livestock, while taking care of the environment and animal welfare. It can also develop its work in an agri-food company, taking care of the efficiency and safety in the production of foodstuffs. With all this, the veterinary profession contributes to the production of wealth, especially in the rural world, and to the generation of consumer goods, especially food, of quality, affordable and safe.

In the field of Public Health, the veterinarian takes care of human health, assuming the tasks of food inspection, from its origin until it reaches the consumer, and control of diseases transmissible from animals to humans (zoonoses), from his position in the Administration, or in the company.

The ideal entry profile of the student of the Degree in Veterinary Medicine corresponds to a person with an important vocational component who must have certain knowledge, abilities and skills for the adequate follow-up and development of the training program. For this, it is necessary that in your previous training you have acquired a solid specific knowledge in the subjects of Biology (animal and plant), Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. In particular, knowledge of Chemistry, both organic and inorganic, leading to the biochemical basis of life, the genetic code and physiology is necessary. Also biology, both plant and animal, from the molecular levels to the cellular organization of prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms. Regarding Mathematics, you should have both general and statistical knowledge.

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