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If you want to learn about the modality, requirements, placement process and clarify any doubts you may have about the professional experience, we invite you to participate in the Information Session with the director of employability and practice, Eudelina Rodriguez. Reserve your space here

Participatory workshop: Affective and sexual responsibility in current realities. Speaker: Dr. Angel Espinoza Mora Master in Clinical and Health Psychology from the University of Costa Rica. Certified as Life Coaching from the Scottish Institute Strategic Life Academy. He currently works as a cognitive behavioral psychologist and life coach, providing consulting services to companies, organizations and individuals.

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Beginning in April 2021, students will have the option of taking the digital version of the MET Go! exam from home or at an Authorized Center. MET Go! Digital will offer the same quality and content that both teachers and students have come to expect from Michigan Language Assessment tests.

The optional Speaking section of MET Go! allows candidates to demonstrate their ability to compare two pictures, describe a picture, and talk about their experiences and preferences.

Candidates participate in a multi-stage structured conversation with an examiner.    The three stages of the test are preceded by an informal, non-graded talk in preparation.

The MET Go! reading comprehension and listening comprehension sections are scored by computer. Each correct answer adds to the final score for your section; no points are deducted for incorrect answers. Each candidate receives personalized recommendations on the second sheet of the score report, including activities and other suggestions for improving skills. (See this page for examples of personalized recommendations for a 3-skill or 4-skill test).

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Yo estaba apuntada desde febrero, tuve un accidente y te ofrecen clases online si las necesitas. Son increíbles, creo que sin ellos no podría haber llegado a donde estoy. Te explican todo de mil maneras diferentes si es necesario y te resuelven todas las dudas que tengas sin excepción.

Esta es la historia de un joven de 26 años que con 16 no pudo terminar el bachillerato por motivos personales y familiares. Después de muchos años de esforzarse, decide marcharse al extranjero por el vacío que sentía en su propio círculo familiar y cercano.

Años más tarde, regresa a Sevilla con un único objetivo: ingresar en la Facultad de Enfermería. Comienza sus estudios en la Academia Didáctica 21 a finales de enero de 2022 y se presenta a los exámenes para mayores de 25 años en la Facultad de Farmacia en abril.

Su nota media es de 8,03 sobre 10. La posibilidad de estudiar Enfermería es muy alta… Aunque cuando menos lo esperamos, la vida da muchas vueltas. Esta persona no esperaba una nota así y se plantea la posibilidad de estudiar su sueño, Medicina. La nota de corte es inferior a la nota media de los exámenes de acceso a la Facultad de Medicina.

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Higher education is of vital importance for the professional development of a society. This, in turn, guarantees economic, social and labor growth and improves the living conditions of a country. That is why the main investment of a nation should be in education. Quality Leadership University is the university in Panama accredited to offer the best bachelor’s and master’s degree programs.

Students who attend university in Panama have excellent educational benefits. They receive high quality education that prepares them to face a new professional vision that will lead them to success in their lives. In addition, there are economic benefits. A university student can earn twice the income of a high school graduate.

Moreover, in its firm commitment to offer the best quality education. This university has implemented a series of academic agreements with other universities. These are recognized worldwide. For example, there are agreements with the University of Louisville, Illinois State University, Universidad de Chile, among others.

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