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Recommendations for parents to support their children

Knowing the physical layout of the school building and grounds can help you connect with your child when talking about the school day. It is good to know the location of the main office, nurse’s office, cafeteria, gymnasium, athletic fields, auditorium and special classes.

Many teachers have their own websites that provide access to textbooks and other resources, including homework assignments and assessment dates. In addition, district, school, or teacher websites often offer special resources for parents and students.

During middle school, homework tends to be more intense and the time your child must spend on it is likely to be longer than during elementary school. In general, he or she will have to spend one to two hours a day doing homework.

Encourage your child to ask for help when he or she needs it. Most teachers are available to offer additional help or to stay after school, and may be able to recommend other resources.

What do you expect your child to learn in kindergarten?

Welcome to MIT! We hope this page helps everyone who wants to learn more about our dynamic, diverse, and compassionate community. Here you will find information on the history of the Institute, our academic program, and our generous financial aid program.

MIT is known for its innovative community of students, researchers, and creators who use their skills to improve the world. We believe it is crucial to educate people from all walks of life to provide solutions that benefit all communities.  That is evident through our extraordinary diversity.

There is no majority ethnic background; 56% of our students are from historically underrepresented minorities. Foreign nationals represent 10% of MIT’s students. We have students from all 50 states and 131 foreign countries.

In our humble opinion, this is the best place to study. We are a research-focused university that places great importance on undergraduate education. Among other scholars, we have a number of distinguished professors: 23 MacArthur Genius Grant winners, 11 Nobel laureates, and 1 Pulitzer Prize winner are currently on our faculty. And all of them teach undergraduate students.

How to help my child to be responsible

There are scholarships that students can apply for prior to beginning college courses. It is important for students and their parents to be aware of these opportunities. Organized by different grade levels, this checklist highlights important deadlines and benchmarks that prospective students will encounter as they prepare for college.

While most college planning generally takes place in high school, there is one obvious exception that most families invariably want to start earlier: college savings plans. With the rising cost of higher education, this has become an important part of any college planning guide for prospective students and their parents.

While there is no forecast of the future, students and their families are wise to do everything they can to anticipate their future costs. For example, parents can estimate their son/daughter’s total college expenses by using the FAFSA4Caster Survey Tool on the official Federal Financial Aid website. Read on for more information about student aid and other alternative means of obtaining financial support for college.

How to motivate a child to work

HARVESTING SUCCESSSince 2012, our students have gained access to 80 of the top 100 universities ranked in ‘The Times Good University Guide 2020’. We are therefore in a position to guarantee them access to the best universities.More

CHOOSING THE RIGHT UNIVERSITYIt can be difficult to choose the right university course. That’s why at CATS we provide all the information students and parents need to make this important decision.

COLLEGE APPLICATIONThe college application process can be complicated and overwhelming. We make sure that every student is supported and can submit the best application possible.More

KEY PROFESSIONS SUPPORTKEY PROFESSIONS SUPPORT offers each student a range of additional opportunities to improve their chances of success in applying to a prestigious university or competitive profession.

RESULTS AND DESTINATIONSWe are proud of the excellent results our students achieve and what they go on to do. CATS students gain access to some of the best universities in the world.

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