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He joined the Army in 1985 at the rank of private first class. She spoke almost no English, and the first thing she heard was that women had no future in the military. However, her family’s support was crucial.

Today, she is one of 15 Latinas with the rank of colonel in the Army Reserve, speaks five languages, has a doctorate from the University of Maryland, a master’s degree in Business Administration from Johns Hopkins University, and another in Strategic Studies from the US Army War College, among other degrees.

«For decades we were told to stay at home,» she recalled. «And now Latinas have leadership positions, and we learned to adapt to the Anglo culture. And if we don’t, we get marginalized.»

A fervent advocate of the values that characterize Hispanic women, Zoppi-Rodriguez is a member of the business and education faculty at Strayer University’s Anne Arundel Campus in Maryland, and is dedicated to the area of leadership.

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