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Xxiii domingo del tiempo ordinario

La cultura ética se basa en la idea de que honrar y vivir de acuerdo con los principios éticos es fundamental para vivir una vida significativa y plena y para crear un mundo que sea bueno para todos. Los practicantes de la cultura ética se centran en apoyarse mutuamente para ser mejores personas y hacer el bien en el mundo[2][3].

Edificio de la Sociedad de Cultura Ética de Brooklyn en Prospect Park West, diseñado originalmente por el arquitecto William Tubby como vivienda para William H. Childs (inventor del polvo limpiador Bon Ami)

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Welcome to a new edition of «Tendenci@s», in a week that will undoubtedly be marked by the decisive U.S. presidential election on Tuesday, November 3. As always, you will find here the most relevant news about digital media, The New York Times and the newsletter industry. As always, you will find here the most relevant news about digital media, The New York Times and the newsletter industry. Happy reading!

Below, I offer a list of media that, from my point of view, are worth visiting these days to follow the forecasts and results of the decisive U.S. presidential election this coming Tuesday, November 3, 2020:

This past week we celebrated with an online meeting the fifth anniversary of SembraMedia, an international non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the work of digital media entrepreneurs in Ibero-America.

The guide aims to answer the question of how artificial intelligence can help us «find and tell better stories». The document «seeks to clarify some of the basic concepts about the technology and its application to journalists and anyone else curious about the subject and interested in incorporating it into their daily work».

How admirable, Lord, is your power

Eydin Lenin González Gómez, who obtained the best academic performance of his class, was selected to study for a Master’s degree in Central American Rural Education at the Universidad Nacional de Heredia, Costa Rica.

In the execution of the program, we work in coordination with the territorial coordinators, local governments, families, students and producers who support the different cooperatives, foundations or institutions such as MINED, INTA, MINSA, among others, with their productive units. Thus, the territories and communities are the ones that generate a strategy that increases the dynamics of the local economy.

Students who are taking some of the courses have expressed their satisfaction with the program, which means an opportunity for the farmer, for the son of the worker and also for adults with a desire to improve. They have also expressed their gratitude to the university authorities for the implementation of this project, to the municipal governments for their commitment to their communities, and to the farmers and ranchers who have made their farms available for the internships. They maintain that the knowledge acquired and the application of new techniques are improving the cultivation of crops on the plots, which benefits the poorest sectors.

Prayer of the faithful

Minutes of the Tecalco Convention, April 26, 1936, in Complaints of the Third Convention, sent to the First Presidency, April-July 1936, BHI. English translation of portions in possession of the editors.

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