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The first call for applicants for this doctorate will open in the second semester of 2018. The rector of the Dutch campus, Elmer Sterken, expressed interest in expanding this initiative to other areas and disciplines.

The ceremony was attended by the ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Harman Idema, who highlighted the opportunities that this new program opens up. “I believe in building strong academic ties between our two countries. If we work together in academic programs it enriches the quality of education, but also the students who participate in these programs become ambassadors of Holland and Chile. This is a wonderful thing.

The Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, Rosa Devés; the Director of Graduate and Postgraduate Studies, Alicia Salomone; the Director of International Relations, Eduardo Vera; the professor of the University of Groningen, Han Moshage, and academics from the Institute of Biomedical Sciences of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Chile also participated in the signing of this agreement.

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learning problems affecting the country’s competitiveness and social cohesion, and seeks to stimulate closer collaboration and understanding between the business community and higher education.

A. 9738/04 Council for Higher Education v. Shahar Association for the Advancement of Education in Israel: on January 19, 2006, the Supreme Court rejected two appeals concerning the refusal of the Council for Higher Education to publish internal documents and minutes of

A. 9738/04 Council for Higher Education v. Shahar Association for Advancement of Education in Israel: On January 19, 2006, the Supreme Court rejected two appeals concerning the Council for Higher Education’s refusal to expose internal documents and protocols of its hearings.

The first Regional Research Seminar for Asia and the Pacific (May 13-14, Tokyo, Japan), which produced nine country studies on the evolution of research policies in Asia, and five monographs on higher education systems and policies.

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From his first individual exhibition, the author’s work was characterized by his own very defined style. In 1961 he joined the group called “Los Hartos” led by Mathias Goeritz. Precisely at this time (1962), Pedro Friedeberg created one of his first pieces of Fantastic Furniture: La Silla Mano (The Hand Chair): a right hand with ergonomic proportions that allows you to sit on its palm and the fingers function as a backrest.

As an artist of high quality and distinctive characteristics, several museums and collections hold works by Friedeberg: Musee du Louvre Paris, Museum of Modern Art New York (MOMA), Museo Omar Rayo Colombia, Museo José Luis Cuevas Mexico, Museo de Arte Moderno de Mexico, Tel Aviv and Paris, Museo Cavalino Italy, as well as Casa de Las Americas Havana.  Surrealist artist best known for his “hand-chair” sculpture and his architectural inspired drawing creating unusual compositions that expresses irony and surfeit. Friedeberg belongs to a group of 20th century eccentric and iconoclastic artists like Gunther Gerzso and Leonora Carrington who were irreverent, rejecting the social and political art, which was dominant at the time. Friedeberg has had a lifelong reputation for being eccentric, and states that art is dead because nothing new is being produced.

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The festival has presented an extensive agenda of concerts, workshops and talks in each of its versions, making it one of the most important festivals in Latin America.

Violines Del CaucaDiego Felipe Rivera, specialized in the historical interpretation of the violin and viola at the Schola Cantorum in Basel-Switzerland, will talk with Lorenzo Solarte and Luis Edel Carabalí, violinists of the Afro-descendant musical tradition in the Cauca region of Colombia.

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