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Wooden artifacts In the villages studied, wood was undoubtedly a priority resource to which archaeology has paid little attention. It is present in the four villages in the form of ecofacts, construction elements, as well as tools totaling 20, distributed in Caserones, Pircas and Guatacondo. On the one hand, expeditious artifacts total nine (45%) and are defined by being elaborated at the time of use and then quickly discarded. They correspond to sharpened sticks, cut sticks, an incised stick, a pitch stick (Tessaria absinthioides) and a fragment of wood cut in a quadrangular shape (Figure 5).

On the other hand, the semi-discoidal pieces were made of very light wood -strictly speaking, one constitutes a quarter of a disk and the other a third of it- and as in the previous case, they were recovered from enclosures 198 and 251. Both pieces are also very standardized, with diameters (projected) of 8.5 cm and 2.4 cm thick. Both present a very fine needle bored perforation, which is possible considering that this is a soft wood. Based on this, we propose that these artifacts could constitute fishing floats, which should be confirmed in the future based on their comparison with similar artifacts from coastal contexts (Figure 7).

Tuna universitaria chile

Aunque existen otros festivales de tuna más antiguos y conocidos en Chile, como los festivales latinoamericanos de tuna de Iquique y La Serena.  La tuna de la PUCV organiza cada año el único festival internacional de tuna universitaria en Chile, rescatando este tipo de tradición serenatera folclórica española nacida hace cientos de años en los colegios españoles.

Certamen de tunas folclóricas: Tuna del Distrito Universitario de Michoacán Morelia (México); de la Universidad de La Serena; de Ingenieros de la Universidad de Atacama (Copiapó); de la Universidad Autónoma de Temuco; de la Facultad de Artes de la Universidad de Playa Ancha; de Distrito de la Universidad Católica del Norte (Antofagasta) & la agrupación de la Universidad de Tarapacá (Arica).    Lugar: Aula Magna USM, Nov. 1-2 19:30 hrs.

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Approach, development and construction of a sustainable housing prototype applied to the case study of the Vicente Guerrero Housing Unit in Iztapalapa, under the parameters of the international competition “Solar Decathlon Europe 2014”.

Relevant factors that impede sustainable development : case of the Tepotzotlán river basin, State of Mexico : diagnosis and proposal from a civil society vision (2007-2011)


Measuring progress from 1990 to 2017 and projecting attainment to 2030 of the health-related Sustainable Development Goals for 195 countries and territories: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2017.

Measuring progress and projecting attainment on the basis of past trends of the health-related Sustainable Development Goals in 188 countries: An analysis from the Global Burden of Disease Study 2016.

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