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2018: the dilemmas of global economic governance.

Also take advantage of the complementary transversal and unique training of the University of Jaén and all the activities aimed at improving your personal and professional projection that the UJA provides you associated with this degree.

In addition to the specified resources, the University of Jaén has additional material resources and services that can be grouped into three large blocks that deserve special mention: Library, ICTs and universal accessibility services and services for students with disabilities.

Here you will find the fundamental details and all the necessary links to know the organization of your degree, summarizing and complementing the description contained in the degree report where you can find additional information.

The teaching in the subjects of all the degrees of the University of Jaén is assigned to their Departments and these are responsible, for example, for selecting the faculty that teaches a particular subject, or for the review of the final grade of your exam in the cases provided by the Regulations of academic regime and evaluation of students of the University of Jaén.

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The theoretical-practical contents, structured in 5 subjects, will be taught by a faculty of professors who are professionals and senior executives of leading companies and entities in the biotechnology sector.

Aware that contact with the reality of work is essential in the training process of a professional, the co-direction of the Master with ASEBIO allows us to offer more than 6 months of internships that will increase your chances of finding a job.

In addition, at the University, we have a Careers Department that is responsible for finding the best job opportunities for our students. You will have access to a job bank with exclusive national and international job offers.

This program aims to train qualified professionals with a comprehensive and deep vision on how to manage R&D&I in biotechnology, and will allow you to develop professional training in the management of biotechnology companies from different areas.

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Today’s companies face a rapidly changing and highly competitive global environment. To successfully cope with the continuous changes that are taking place, companies need to be agile, flexible and manage their business processes properly. The process approach allows companies to be more effective in strategic decision making, which facilitates the achievement of higher levels of current and future competitiveness.

The knowledge and use of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) for innovation, management, planning and implementation of business processes allows a real integration of technologies in organizations, which facilitates the differentiation of the company, responsiveness, cost reduction, improved productivity and improved value and service offered to the customer.

For this reason, in relation to the teaching of group 410815 of the Master’s Degree in Business Process Management and Technologies, exceptionally and exclusively for the academic year 2020/2021, the classroom sessions of the different subjects will continue to be taught in the established schedule, but from the Granada campus and with the possibility of synchronous online monitoring by the students.

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The DMC strives every day to become a leading institution in the training of professionals in the current fields of its academic branches, as well as to develop in its students applied research skills for the resolution of social problems that impact the Cuauhtemen community and its surroundings, in various functional fields.

Likewise, it is important to note that we have successful ties with national and international universities that allow us to develop continuous participation in student mobility programs, which helps to increase the formative experiences of our students.

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