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Nowadays, knowledge of languages is the basis for advancing and achieving academic and professional excellence. The Language Center, integrated in the Vice-Rectorate for Internationalization, seeks to provide a quality training service that contributes to the internationalization of the University and its environment.

The courses have a duration of 40 hours and a very competitive price of 275€ for CEU students. The courses are taught in compatible and comfortable schedules for students, are communicative classes, and work on all language skills.

At CEU San Pablo University we prepare our students to respond to the needs of a globalized world. For this reason, we have joined forces with the British Council to enable all students to finish their studies with a level of English that allows them to function in an international environment.

In a globalized and interconnected world, knowing languages has become an indispensable element to access the professional world. At CEU San Pablo University we have joined forces with the Goethe-Institut to make it easier for all students to finish their studies with a level of German that allows them to function in an international professional environment.

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Docklands Idiomas caters to everyone who wants to learn English, from primary school students to individual classes for professional adults.  Group classes are also available for companies, as Docklands has native teachers tailored to the needs of the company.

Our method is simple, English should be fun to learn and not a chore. Our aim is to give every student at Docklands an enjoyable experience. If you are happy when you are learning a new language it becomes easier and therefore more motivated to continue learning it.

The future is in your hands. Whether you want to learn a language for cultural enrichment, university entrance or to move up the career ladder, we can help you achieve your goal.

Many of our former students have gone on to advance their professional futures by choosing to learn English. In today’s world, it is a necessity, not a hobby. Because of the level of English they acquire at Docklands, we have had students go on to study careers in the USA and other European countries.

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Los objetivos de este curso son ayudarte a desarrollar las habilidades necesarias para realizar las tareas que se indican a continuación. Está diseñado para cubrir el vacío existente entre el nivel B 2 y el C1.1, según la definición del Marco Común Europeo de Referencia para las Lenguas. Relación con el Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)Al realizar este curso los estudiantes comenzarán a progresar hacia el nivel requerido para obtener el Certificate in Advanced English (CAE). Sin embargo, el enfoque se concentrará en el desarrollo de las habilidades antes mencionadas en lugar de estar explícitamente orientado a los exámenes. El curso podría considerarse como el primer módulo de un bloque de instrucción de dos años. El Advanced 1 tiene como objetivo desarrollar el nivel lingüístico necesario para embarcarse en el Advanced 2, un segundo bloque más orientado a los exámenes.

Comprender artículos e informes generales, así como textos literarios contemporáneos y correspondencia, apreciando las diferencias de estilo y el punto de vista del escritor. Comprender artículos académicos especializados e instrucciones técnicas más largas, especialmente cuando se relacionan con su campo.

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Productive skills are practiced following an individual or group task-based approach, with personalized feedback. At the end of the A1 level, students will have reached basic competences to express themselves in everyday scenarios with simple sentences to satisfy basic needs: introducing themselves, asking and giving basic information and interacting in an elementary way.

Once you have registered, you will receive the access codes to the Virtual Campus. We recommend that you log in to familiarize yourself with the environment. Throughout the course start day, your virtual classrooms of the Campus will be activated.

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