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The interaction of indigenous peoples and settlers led to the growth of Chinook Wawa, a pidgin language that was used throughout the Fraser River Valley until the early 20th century. Industrialization of the river began with the use of the traditional commercial waterway by steamboats and, over time, roads and railroads were built, driven by and in turn fueling further population growth. Today, the most important modes of transportation through the region are the Canadian Pacific Railway and the Canadian National Railway, the transcontinental main lines, the Lougheed Highway (Highway 7) and the Trans-Canada Highway (Highway 1).

Panoramic view of the Fraser Valley as seen from the eastern part of Abbotsford looking northwest, showing the Mission District across the river from this viewpoint.

Today, the Fraser Valley is home to a mix of land uses, ranging from the urban and industrial centers of Vancouver, Surrey and Abbotsford, to golf courses and parks, to dairy farms and orchards.

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Atchinson, Kansas 24 July 1898-lost in the Pacific Ocean in 1937. American aviator. She attended Columbia University (New York) and completed her training in summer courses at Harvard University.

After the outbreak of World War I, Amelia and her sister Muriel traveled to Canada as volunteer nurses to care for pilots wounded in combat. It was after visiting the Royal Flying Corps and the British Air Force that the idea of becoming an aviator began to take shape in Amelia’s mind.

In 1920, Earhart attended an air show and had the opportunity to fly over the city of Los Angeles. She was so enthusiastic that she decided right then and there to learn to fly. She was taught by another woman, considered a pioneer in female aviation: Neta Snook.

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An analysis of the road connections of the main towns (measured by the travelling time between towns that are accessible in less than three hours) highlights (cf. MAP 7, Appendix 7) four geographical areas with strong internal connections: the southern half of the British Isles, the Loire Valley and centre-west of France, the Basque-Pyrenean border region, and the western coastline of the Iberian Peninsula.

The analysis of the road connectivity of the main cities (measured by travel times between cities accessible in less than three hours) reveals (cf. MAP 7, Annex 7) the existence of four geographical clusters with strong internal connections: the southern half of the British Isles, the Loire Valley and central-west France, the Basque-Pyrenean border region and the western coastline of the Iberian Peninsula.

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Esta recopilación de ‘Escuelas de verano de Spetses’ está dedicada al profesor Dr.. Marianne Grunberg-Manago, París. En 1996, se cumplieron 30 años desde que estas renombradas Escuelas de Verano de Biología Molecular y Celular surgieron en gran medida por iniciativa de Mme. Grunberg-Manago. Tras el primer Instituto de Estudios Avanzados celebrado en 1966 en la isla de Spetsai, se organizaron anualmente Escuelas de Verano dedicadas a temas de interés actual. Estos cursos han tenido un gran éxito a lo largo de los años, ya que han atraído a científicos de renombre internacional como conferenciantes, así como a excelentes estudiantes participantes de todo el mundo. El ambiente relajado y agradable siempre ha propiciado debates fructíferos e interacciones sociales entre los estudiantes y los conferenciantes. En 2006 podemos celebrar el 40º aniversario de las Escuelas de Verano de Spetses.

La primera parte, hasta la Escuela de Verano de 1988, se ha reproducido a partir de una recopilación similar, que se ha publicado como anexo a las Actas de un Taller de Investigación Avanzada OTAN/FEBS sobre «Evolución de la Expresión Génica» celebrado del 29 al 31 de agosto de 1988 en Spetsai (Grecia) – Serie ASI de la OTAN: Life Sciences, vol. 169 (METRO. Grunberg-Manago, B.F.C. Clark y H.G. Zachau, eds.), Plenum Press, Nueva York y Londres, 1989.

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