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TrainingIt is accredited by the Institute for Quality and Accreditation of Computer, Engineering and Technology Programs (ICACIT), an agency that is part of Washington Accord, an agreement among the most prestigious engineering accreditation agencies in the world, and has the recognition of the National System of Evaluation, Accreditation and Certification of Educational Quality (SINEACE) to the accreditation granted by ICACIT.

TechnologyTo complement your learning you will have at your disposal our modern infrastructure, the specialized library and the laboratories of Soil Mechanics, Concrete, Pavements, Hydraulics and Topography, which are implemented with the most modern equipment and instruments of the national market. See career achievements Accreditation information – Huancayo Campus Accreditation information – Filia Arequipa “During my time at the university I have received comprehensive training, mainly in planning and project management. “Jorge Nishihara Alcocer

International Ibero-American University

Freedom of Expression We develop studies and promote an open debate on the problems and challenges facing the right to freedom of expression today, and its cross-cutting effect on the enjoyment and exercise of other human rights.

Initiative for Freedom of Expression on the Internet (iLEI) Through research and policy papers, iLEI’s main objective is the implementation of human rights standards on the Internet, particularly in Latin America.

CELE has a multidisciplinary and highly qualified team of professionals dedicated to research and to dialogue and work together with other academic units in the country and Latin America. Meet our team

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The Swiss Confederation, through the Federal Commission on Scholarships for Foreign Students (ESKAS / CFBS), grants different types of postgraduate scholarships for foreign researchers of all disciplines and partly also for artists:

The Scholarship Service of the Conference of Rectors of Swiss Universities swissuniversities manages state scholarships for about 40 foreign countries on behalf of the Confederation. These scholarships are intended for Swiss students, researchers and artists for stays abroad.

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It is required that the Commanders and Captains of ships, pilots, maritime and civil authorities, communicate immediately to the Adjunct General Directorate of Oceanography, Hydrography and Meteorology (DIGAOHM) of the Secretariat of the Navy, any information that affects our national Nautical Charts and Publications.

To carry out hydrographic works of the coasts, islands, ports and navigable ways of the country and to compile necessary and adequate information to elaborate, and to maintain updated the national nautical cartography and publications, so that they are spread in a opportune way to guarantee the security to navigation and to contribute to the safeguard of the human life in the sea, the protection to the marine environment and to impel the national maritime development.

The digital publication “Notices to Mariners” is the means through which all relevant information affecting national nautical charts and publications is disseminated to the maritime community, such as: reports of new hazards, shoals, obstructions, changes in aids to navigation, changes in charted depths, etc.; based on the provisions of Regulation 9 point 3 chapter V of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS).

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