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Henning KLES

During the exhibition there will be occasional photographic registration. The photographs will be handled in accordance with Law 1581 of 2012 on the Protection of Personal Data, and the Policy for the Treatment of Personal Data of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia.

The work proposes a journey that begins in the hard courtyard of the Art Museum with the installation of more than 40 pews from the 19th century, from Catholic churches that were excommunicated and collected in warehouses in Holland. For the artist, these pews are “an effective tool that has been distributed and instrumentalized by a colonial process. They will have a reincarnation in a context and in a geography that has been historically subdued. They become a symbolic commentary on an oppression, the extermination of a diversity, which is the origin of our current problems and condition”. Placed one on top of the other, they create a solid wood sculpture supported by solid cast iron, which emulates the claws of Catholicism in our society. And from that very moment the black canvases begin to appear.

Santiago Giralda – ART HAS NO CEILING

of Plastic Art Didactics at the University of Santiago (1988) and as a permanent Professor at the Plastic Art Didactics University School at the University of Santiago (1989).

concerned, he worked as a temporary Professor, teaching Plastic Art Didactics at Santiago University (1988) and as a permanent Professor at the Plastic Art Didactics University School (1989).

Degree in Fine Arts of Pontevedra – University of Vigo, specializing in painting (1996-2001), Master’s Degree in Theory and Practice of Contemporary Plastic Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid (2002).

degree in Art in the Faculty of Arts (Pontevedra, University of Vigo), specialising in Painting (1996-2001) and a master’s degree in Theory and Practice on Contemporary Art at the Complutense University, Madrid (2002).

Jens Juel

Del 8 al 10 de julio de 2022, más de 160 graduados de grado y máster de la promoción 2021/22 presentarán sus proyectos finales de todas las carreras. Bajo el título Final Cut, todas las películas de graduación se proyectarán en una gran pantalla en el auditorio del HFBK de Hamburgo. Al mismo tiempo, la exposición de la profesora sudanesa invitada Amna Elhassan podrá verse en la galería de la HFBK en el Atelierhaus.

Hacía tiempo que no había tanta oferta: un congreso de tres días sobre la visualidad de Internet reúne a diseñadores web internacionales; el colectivo de investigación Freethought debate el papel de las infraestructuras; y el simposio que marca la despedida de la profesora Michaela Ott retoma cuestiones centrales de su trabajo de investigación.

El Premio de Arte Finkenwerder, iniciado en 1999 por el Kulturkreis Finkenwerder e.V., ha sufrido un reajuste: Como nuevo socio, el HFBK de Hamburgo amplía el premio para incluir el aspecto de la promoción de jóvenes artistas y, a partir de 2022, acogerá la exposición de los premiados en la Galería HFBK. El Premio de Arte Finkenwerder de este año se concederá a la artista estadounidense Renée Green. Frieda Toranzo Jaeger, graduada de la HFBK, recibe el Premio de Arte Finkenwerder para recién graduados.

Scorpions-still loving you-video (English subtitles)

Franz Christian (F.C.) Gundlach, German photographer, gallery owner, collector and curator born in 1926 in Heinebach, Hesse. Since September 2003 he has been founding director of the House of Photography in Hamburg’s Deichtorhallen.

In 2005 Amato was working in advertising in New Orleans, but changed careers after Hurricane Katrina forced him to relocate. Amato evacuated to Houston, where his lighting equipment and camera were purchased.

“Allan Amato’s cosmic camera pierces mortal skin to reveal the underlying sparkling ideal self. Where Amato focuses his lens, gods, superheroes, angels and demons are conjured; vinyl mythologies are summoned; mere flesh becomes a dreamscape and collage of luxury where everything, especially the grotesque, is beautiful.

Alchemist of light and composition, distiller of the Platonic gold of leaden flesh, Renaissance futurist and muscular machine of death to boot. Allan Amato is by far my favorite photographer” Grant Morrison.

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