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In the modern facilities of our campus in Alfara del Patriarca we provide you with the ideal space for the development of your training: anatomy rooms, laboratories, pre-clinical simulation classrooms, study rooms, university dental clinic in the same building…

In addition, our anatomy rooms and laboratories are ready to welcome you to the Elche Campus and to prepare you for the real practices in our future pre-clinical simulation rooms and in a future university dental clinic planned for the second and third year.

Because we understand that in order to become a good dentist you must be in contact with the best professionals in the field, who share their experiences and apply their day-to-day work in the classroom and in the clinic with our students.

In the same space we have the University Dental Clinic where students perform real practices and follow up patients in their different specialties, in groups of 2/3 students supervised by professional tutors.

University of Granada

The Master’s Degree in Artistic Production is aimed at training artists and professionals in the visual arts. The diversity of professional profiles in the labor demand for graduates in Fine Arts requires a versatile and continuously adapting training. Artists and visual arts professionals must be able to set up projects, build their own working future and act with great agility of movement in the field of free exercise of the profession, encouraging experimentation and research in the field of artistic creation and its adaptation to the professional sectors of the visual arts in which they can apply the technical and creative knowledge acquired. The postgraduate degree in Art: Production and Research caters to a specialization that covers this professional reality, establishing important points of collaboration with other academic disciplines and recognized professional figures. The Master’s Degree in Artistic Production allows access to the Postgraduate Degree in Art: Production and Research.

Pacle uv

The candidate must process the application through the Portal del Futuro Alumno, available on the University’s website. The ordinary application period ends in July and the extraordinary application period ends in September.

In some programs, an online admission test specific to each program must be taken, in addition to a personal interview where the following selection criteria are taken into account: academic record, professional experience and complementary training. This interview may be conducted in person or via Skype.

Candidates admitted in the regular period must reserve their place in the program by paying between 500 € and 1500 € depending on the program, on account of the total amount of the program. This reservation must be made during the month following admission to the program. If the reservation is not made within the established period, the University reserves the right to award the place to other successive candidates. The payment of the reservation after the deadline will only be admitted in the case that the postgraduate studies requested have vacancies. Candidates admitted in the extraordinary period must pay the full tuition fee within the period established for this purpose.

Uv languages

Here you can check the status of your application and see what information we have about you. You will be able to modify your personal data, attach documentation, choose a date for your interview or download your letter of admission, when everything has gone well.

When you fill in the admission form, you will be able to choose a date and time for your personal interview. This interview, together with your grades and the result of the language test (if applicable), will determine if you meet the requirements to be admitted to our university.

In case you want to access a degree program by transfer, your personal advisor will activate the interview schedule as soon as he/she has verified that you have submitted all the necessary academic documentation for the admission process.

Once you have made your place reservation, you will be able to start managing your arrival at our university with the International Student Services team. To do this, you will have a welcome service package that we have called Hospitality and that you can manage through an app: little by little and with our support, you will see how the formalities prior to your enrollment are solved in a simple and safe way.

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