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with information about the development of activities, relations between the academic sector and corporations, and the participation of the Rector of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, as key-note speaker.

information about the development of activities, relations between the academic sector and corporations, and the participation of the Rector of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, as key-note speaker.

Dr. Xu Lianzhi, from You’an Hospital; Drs. Ren Minghui, Hao Yang and Wu Zunyou and the Chinese Minister of Health, Meng Ling, who is living with HIV and chairs the organization «Arc of Love», which works with HIV-positive people.

Doctors Ren Minghui, Hao Yang and Wu Zunyou with the Chinese Ministry of Health and Meng Lin, who is living with HIV and the head of the organization «Arc of Love», which works for people living with HIV.

Dr. Kapua Sproat, a law professor at the University of Hawaii, descendants of ancient indigenous Pacific Island cultures that suffered from European colonization, described efforts to recover and restore the basic elements of their cultural traditions while preserving the natural environment.

Clasificación de la Universidad de Victoria

La Universidad de Victoria alberga una serie de programas académicos excepcionales. Independientemente de la universidad a la que pertenezcas, tendrás acceso a todos los cursos y programas que se ofrecen en la Facultad de Artes y Ciencias. La afiliación a la universidad no restringe la elección académica.

Los estudiantes universitarios de Victoria College tienen pleno acceso a la amplia gama de cursos y programas de la Facultad de Artes y Ciencias, incluidos los programas interdisciplinarios que se encuentran dentro de la propia Facultad.

El Victoria College es una comunidad intelectual que fomenta el pensamiento innovador. Una de las formas de hacerlo es apoyando y promoviendo oportunidades para que nuestros estudiantes de grado realicen proyectos de investigación independientes.

El programa Scholars-in-Residence (SiR) es una residencia intensiva de cuatro semanas en humanidades interdisciplinarias e investigación humanística en ciencias sociales para estudiantes de último año, que fue creada en el Victoria College.

Cada año, el Victoria College nombra a un escritor excepcional como escritor creativo residente en Shaftesbury. Esta función apoya la enseñanza y el aprendizaje que se lleva a cabo en el programa de Expresión Creativa y Sociedad y en la corriente Norman Jewison del programa Vic One, y ayuda a fomentar la ciudadanía creativa entre la comunidad del Victoria College.

University of waterloo

You will have a personalized attention in your progress, resolution of doubts, and a constant feedback during your learning: corrections in speaking, expression, pronunciation and writing, so you will see how much you are improving.

Or if you prefer, I can help you to pass any E.S.O. and Bachillerato course, improve your Speaking skills, start with English from scratch, or correct projects or papers you need to present.

I am a close and trustworthy teacher for my students, so you will lose the fear of making mistakes or speaking without thinking twice, remember that you are here to learn and enjoy English. Later on you will be able to read opinions from former students, you will see that they are delighted!

Whether it’s reinforcement, review or learning the language from any level, I will dedicate the necessary time to focus on what you need to get the most out of the classes, ensuring your learning.

University of toronto

We are passionate about guiding students from all over the world to study abroad. We have a team of expert international education advisors committed to providing you with the best information and helping you every step of the way. Are you ready to start building a future beyond your borders?

To apply for online counseling you must complete the first step which is to create your LC User, then you must follow the next step of completing your profile in our study platform, once you have completed your profile you will continue to the third step where you will share with us your interest in counseling.

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