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King Deva of the South, a relief carved in stone inside the Cloud Platform at Juyong Pass, built between 1342 and 1345 in what was then the capital of the Mongol Yuan dynasty Khanbaliq (present-day Beijing); the monument contains inscriptions in six different alphabets: Lanydza script (used to write Sanskrit), Tibetan script (used to write the Tibetan language), ‘Phags-pa script (created by Kublai Khan, and used to write Chinese, Mongolian and Uyghur), Old Uyghur script (used to write the Old Uyghur language), Chinese characters (used to write Chinese) and the Tangut script (used to write the Tangut language)[4][5][6][6][6][7][8][8][8][9][9][9][9][10][10][10][10][11][11][11

At the Sampul cemetery (Chinese: 山普拉), located approximately 14 km from the Khotan archaeological site in Lop County (Xinjiang, China),[25] where the Sampul tapestry mentioned above was found,[6] local inhabitants buried their dead there from about 217 BC. B.C. to 283 A.D.[26] Analysis of mitochondrial DNA from human remains has revealed genetic affinities between Caucasian peoples, specifically a maternal lineage linked to Ossetians and Iranians, as well as a paternal lineage from the eastern Mediterranean. [25][27] Confirming this link historical accounts are known of Alexander the Great, who married a Sogdian woman from Bactria named Roxana,[28][29][30] and encouraged his soldiers and generals to marry local women; consequently, later kings of the Seleucid Empire and the Greco-Bactrian Kingdom had Persian and Greek ethnic backgrounds.[31][32][33][34]

University of westminster contact email

We welcome both basic and applied research papers from any field of psychology, which are evaluated anonymously by external reviewers prior to publication.

We examined whether the relationship between psychological climate and sickness absence is moderated by gender. We expected that this relationship would be stronger among men than among women. We tested this general hypothesis using two samples of men and women nurses (made up of 114 and 189 subjects, respectively). The results obtained supported our expectation. The three climate facets considered (support, goals orientation and rules orientation) showed a significant relationship with sickness absence in the men sample, but not in the women sample.

Psychological climate, absenteeism and gender. We investigated whether the relationship between psychological climate and sickness absence is moderated by employee gender. The relationship was expected to be stronger in men than in women. This general hypothesis was tested using two samples of nurses consisting of 114 males and 189 females. The results obtained supported our general hypothesis. The three climate dimensions considered (support, goal orientation and rule orientation) showed a statistically significant relationship with absenteeism in the male sample, but not in the female sample.

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El éxito comercial y una carrera sostenida dentro de la industria musical dependen cada vez más de tener las habilidades y la capacidad de gestionar y desarrollar oportunidades de carrera; ya sea para ti mismo o para un acto que representas.

En este curso de máster en gestión musical estudiarás los conceptos clave en la gestión y el desarrollo de una carrera musical y una amplia gama de habilidades empresariales y transferibles adecuadas para una variedad de trabajos en la industria musical.

En el curso te enseñará un equipo de profesionales de la industria con conocimientos únicos y una amplia experiencia. Estudiarás los conceptos clave para gestionar y desarrollar tu propia carrera o la de un artista al que representes.

Los graduados del Máster en Gestión de la Industria Musical y Desarrollo de Artistas han creado sus propios negocios y han trabajado en una amplia gama de funciones interesantes dentro de la industria musical. Cuando te gradúes podrás trabajar en:

Necesitas una licenciatura (2:2 o superior) en música, tecnología musical o un tema relacionado, un portafolio de trabajo a nivel de grado o profesional, y una declaración escrita. También podemos ofrecerte una plaza en función de la experiencia o la formación pertinente, normalmente en el entorno laboral. Todas las solicitudes se consideran individualmente. Debes cumplir con nuestro requisito de inglés de 6,5 de puntuación global para el IELTS, con un mínimo de 5,5 para cada uno de los 4 componentes individuales (Reading, Writing, Speaking y Listening). Se considerarán otros exámenes de inglés equivalentes.

Westminster university admissions email

CEU San Pablo University is committed to international projection by offering students the opportunity to complete and validate their education abroad through agreements established with schools and universities from all continents within the Erasmus+ Program of the European Commission or through Bilateral Exchange Agreements signed between CEU San Pablo University and other foreign universities.

CEU San Pablo University has an agreement with Audencia Business School (Nantes, France) offering an innovative and exclusive training project that includes a Bachelor’s Degree at CEU San Pablo + Master’s Degree in Nantes, France. Learning will be international, with a real and practical approach.

Audencia Business School is a «Grande École» located in the city of Nantes, capital of the Loire-Atlantique department in western France. Founded in 1900, it is considered one of the oldest business schools in the world and one of the most prestigious in Europe. It is also one of the top 10 business schools in France and its programs have the triple international accreditation of EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA.

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