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En México sólo hay un científico de I+D por cada 10.000 habitantes, en contraste con Alemania, donde hay 20 por cada 10.000, y Estados Unidos, 42 por cada 10.000, según cifras oficiales.

sistema UNYCLAD en enero de 1999, siendo el rasgo diferenciador de la empresa; un producto de alto valor añadido por su calidad y versatilidad, que le ha permitido obtener una fuerte posición dentro del campo de las fachadas ventiladas.

La buena administración de los activos de información digital, la distribución de bienes intangibles, la explotación de contenidos y la reducción de la brecha digital constituyen ejemplos de problemas

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A study carried out in 2017 by the former Undersecretary of the Fight against Drug Trafficking in Argentina, Martin Verrier, highlighted that in the country some US $1110 million was marketed, corresponding US $500 million to the marijuana business and US $218 million to the cocaine business. The economic crisis that has deepened since 2019 and has hit the whole region with particular force (driven by the pandemic) reduced the quality of the substances more than their sale.[4] In turn, the Ministry of Education acknowledged that one million students, especially from the poorest sectors of society, dropped out of school in 2020 when school attendance was suspended because of the virus.[5] Figure 2.

Figure 2: Evolution of indigence and urban poverty rates in Argentina, as a percentage of population and households. Source: EDSA Bicentennial (2010-2016) and EDSA Agenda for Equity (2017-2025), Observatory of the Argentine Social Debt, UCA.

See the graph above (Figure 2): as of 2019 poverty exceeded 50% of the population, reaching the peak in 2020. If we compare the lowest with the highest poverty percentages in the conurbation for the period 2010-2021, we find a difference of almost 25%: 31.9 (2011) and 56.6 (2020). Something that an unsuspecting visitor would find highly contradictory (since Argentina is a country rich in land for food production!).

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The existence of an entrepreneurial tradition in certain communities and its absence in others, that is, the presence of a particular sociocultural process, which imbues these communities with the necessary elements to promote entrepreneurship and economic development, has drawn attention to the importance of values for the achievement of economic progress. Thus, the development of Western Europe has been attributed to the presence of the Protestant ethic, Japanese growth in the 20th century to the values of the Samurai culture, and the more recent economic boom in East Asian countries to the practice of Confucianism. Although these values are no longer relevant in explaining their progress, the hypotheses that give a very significant relative weight to this correlation are no longer valid:

It is difficult to reject the idea that there are strong elements of arbitrariness and ad hoc theory in the question of considering Asian values particularly favorable to rapid economic and social growth. To put it another way, if it is true that values have been so important in the recent economic prosperity of these regions, why has it taken so long? Have the values changed? If so, why? Or is it that their enormous potential lay dormant and dormant and has been unleashed only recently and for some reason in full force? If so, what has been the reason for this change? It is much easier to give ex post than ex ante explanations of value, and the ease of these answers hides the questions that need to be asked in order to critically scrutinize the answers (Sen, 1999: 3).

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