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The program is coordinated by the University Institute of European Studies at CEU San Pablo University, a research center chaired by Marcelino Oreja and designated Jean Monnet Center of Excellence by the European Commission.

The variety of subjects will allow you to gain a greater knowledge and understanding of the political, economic, legal and cultural relations of our time, from a multidisciplinary perspective.

You will incorporate aspects of social and cultural reality such as the interrelation of religions and cultures with the development of international society, the interaction between the media and international actors, the interpretation of war, actors and factors involved in war processes. It will allow you to value the importance of history for the understanding of the current reality, such as the process of European integration and the policies of the Union.

You will be able to formulate judgments that include reflections on social and ethical responsibilities by integrating knowledge on relevant international issues today, identifying the challenges and limitations of contemporary international society.

University of south eastern norway

These are the two axes that define the orientation of the program. The first enables the managerial function to interact in the new economic and business context. The second develops the technical competencies necessary for a better understanding of the economic, technological and social environment in which organizations operate.

by offering recognition that goes beyond the prestige of two institutions exceptionally accredited by the most prestigious associations of international Business Schools and Universities, a degree that is highly valued by the business community and which significantly facilitates the professional career of MBA participants.

The Positive Impact Rating measures how business schools contribute to solving social challenges by energizing the school and its culture, developing responsible leaders and being an exemplary institution.

Western norway university of applied sciences

This master’s degree complements your university education and delves into different aspects such as clinical trials, the foundations of clinical research, the development of clinical research projects and the presentation of results to the scientific community.

With this master’s degree in clinical trials, with emphasis on oncology research, you will acquire advanced training in clinical research methodology, as well as a high-level knowledge of molecular biology applied to oncology. The knowledge acquired will enable you to actively participate in scientific projects in this area of knowledge.

The classes will be taught by leading professionals in this field who stand out for their great practical and research skills and who will offer a learning process that is completely close to the student.  The teaching staff of this master’s degree is 93% PhD in Medicine.

In addition to a high-level theoretical character, the program also has a practical orientation and continuous evaluation through the execution of a research project throughout the duration of the course and the communication of results to the scientific community.

University of bergen

«Today, openness and international collaboration in innovation are clearly under threat. Faced with unprecedented challenges, whether health, environmental, economic or social, the world needs to pool efforts and resources to ensure continued funding for innovation,» says Bruno Lanvin, Executive Director of Global Indices at INSEAD.

Israel is the world leader in several key indicators, such as researchers, R&D investment and university-business research collaboration. Thanks to this investment, Israel remains a major player in innovation, particularly in the area of ICT services exports.

Brazil, Mexico and Argentina are home to multinational companies that invest in R&D and are among the top ten middle-income economies in terms of the quality of innovation. Chile, Uruguay and Brazil produce a high level of scientific and technical articles, and Brazil also stands out in the area of patents.

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